Hey guys, since im the newest member of the clan I suppose it won't hurt to make an introduction of myself. I have played with most of the clan members but still some I haven't had the pleasure to meet.

So a few words about myself... My name is Hristian (aka its0) and I live in a small town called Shumen (approximately 80.000 citizens) in Bulgaria (a small country in Eastern Europe). I'm 23 years old at the moment and i live in a small two storied house with my parents, my brother and my girlfriend (for now ;D). So my hobbies are: kickboxing which I had been training for about 2 years (only amateur stuff ;D); I like guns (have a pistol of my own - Makarov) and go to the shooting range from time to time (maybe about once a week); I like playing video games - mostly SWAT, Battlefield, and some strategy games like good old Red Alert, Total War series and more ;D. I work in the local law enforcement in my city - Police department as a patrol officer and I've been in service for about 2 and a half years (at the moment) and I love my job :) I'm currently studying Law at University which might come in handy (when and if I graduate ;D) in my profession or outside of it :P

So this is the basic info for my introduction :) if you like to discuss something or have some questions feel free to post ;)