Hello gentlemen!
After hours and hours of frantic searching I have finally found my copy of Swat 4 and thought I'd just say a quick hi to you delightful people. I doubt that any of you remember me but once upon a time I was a member of this jolly band of people. The new website looks great and ETS seems to have gone leaps and bounds since I last played. I really look forward to getting into the game again and meeting all of you folks again. Hopefully I haven't missed out on too much... :P
Hey grumpoo , long time no see . It's so good and i'm so glad to see that you are still alive old man :D . Why didn't you PM me or anyone else to give you the link for the game ? Nvm since it's so good that you found it ;) .

I'll see you in server dude .

Hi grumpoo i havent played with you but im looking forward to it :)
Hey mate, welcome back, didn't see you around for a long time, have fun on our server. *psst* If you ever wish to get back in our cummunity just make an application, it's really easy :P.
Grumpoo...grumpoo..hmm doesn't ring a bell. Sorry.

It sure has been a while. How are you doing?
I guess lots of stuff happened since you went afk. Some were good and some were bad but most of us are still here including some new faces so I suppose everything is going all right. :D
I'd love to catch up with you and play few rounds.. as soon as Uni ends. ;)
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
Great hearing from you again Grumpoo. Would be great to have some rounds together and hear that typical british accent again :D
Shouldn't I say welcome back mate? It's kinda long time we haven't met!
I remember when ETS experienced 'old faces coming back' and I only hope you are the one starting new beginning of this.

Code high, commit sober.
Welcome back grumpoo!! :D We could never forget you.

I agree with Hunter, I hope your the first of many old faces that make a return.
Cheers for the kind words and warm welcome. I've managed to get a couple games in with some of you which is great, nice to see the community alive and well. Can't wait to play lots of awesome sauce tactical games with you chaps :)

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