Hey there all!

Hey all, I'm Feldmeijer. Or Feld. So I'm pretty much brand new to Swat 4.(Despite its age! :))
I really enjoy the tactical co-op multiplayer mode, even if I am still a bit rubbish at it. :P

Hope to see ya'll in-game!
Hello Feldmeijer,

It's always good to see people getting to know this rather old, yet great game :)
Everyone was new to SWAT at some point in time, getting to know how positions work and what does it mean to play tactical.
Do not concern yourself about your in-game performance as ETS clan composes of experienced members who will surely help you polish your skills, as long as you are willing to improve them.

Please enjoy your stay and see you in-game ;)
Hello Feld, we've met in-game yesterday and for somebody who is new to this game and especially to ETS you did quite a good job. As xyzzy said, if you have spend some time working with us you'll get the hang of it fast :) Also good to see that this old yet good game still attracts people's interest :D
So if you have any questions, feel free to molest me via PM 8-)

Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
Hello from me!

I like to see new people who want to learn :D

Enjoy playing on our server, maybe you can create Clan application?
Don't worry, you will find many people who can help you if you need.
Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...
Hey There Feld,

Welcome to the humble ETS Clan, I guess the others have already beaten me to it. But as stated before i'm sure you will do fine and you can ask any members on here for additional help or advice. We play tactically as you can see so make sure you learn the tactics to get the best performance out of playing SWAT if you would like to know more information state it on the chat on our main page or PM a member and im sure we can get back to you in no time. Also from time to time members will appear playing on the server so head straight in to seek their knowledge. I hope you have a pleasant stay with us at ETS.

From the British Isles


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