New "Kid" Here!

Hello, my name is Soner, and I'm from Turkey. The reason why I put "Kid" in quotes is my age, as you would've guessed when reading this sentence. I'm 16 years old, and I'm a 3rd Class High-School Student. It seems like I'm one of the youngest players here, if not THE youngest, and I can see the reason. But I think I'm not young enough for people to think "God-damn child!" without knowing my age... Well, maybe except for jokes. But at least you can tell me to joke less if you get annoyed by it. Also, in case you didn't notice, my nickname is actually my name reversed. It was supposed to be RNS, but then I noticed it would be hard to read.

Even tho there aren't much of these, I love games that include either Stealth, Competetivity or Tactical Gameplay. I also love Role-Play servers in SA-MP and Minecraft, but after playing in SA-MP RPG servers for over 4 years, I got bored. (In fact, I was 8 years old when I first played in a SAMP RPG server. I have no idea how did that happen, but I didn't even get banned) Some may find my age too young to enjoy these kinds of games over others, but considering that I was that way even 4-5 years ago. I guess I'm a different person. (At least my mom told me that I'm special, alright?)

I'm not a totally nerd person, but I've been interested in PC overall my whole life. But I mostly chose to play games rather than learning how to code because I was a lazy person. So far, I've tried to animate in Pivot and Flash. (I remember showing my animations to my mother, lol) I was able to make animations better than the average, but I usually got bored and stopped doing it before improving myself to be better. I also learned ActionScript a bit to start making games in Flash, but noticed that almost nobody except my friend would play them unless I make them way too good, so I decided to stop. There is one thing I do right about "coding", and it's Minecraft Skript. It's basically a plugin that lets you create systems easier using Notepad. It's not really coding, but I think it's a close one. And because I wrote a whole RPG system, there were moments where I exhausted myself when just trying to "code" some Skripts, because it gets really confusing as it gets longer. Oh, yeah... I also use Photoshop to do basic stuff, like my Avatar.

At the moment, I play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (My Rank is LE) and SWAT 4. I'm planning to be a Translator, but that doesn't mean my English is flawless since I'm only a High-School Student and I learned English only from Internet. (Yes, we have English lesson at school... But they try to teach it like math, and it doesn't work anywhere except for school) I create long sentences when speaking both Turkish or English, so my posts would usually be long.

Feel free to add me on Steam:
And... Yeah, I'm terrible at ending introductions. Hello!
Welcome to our clan page. We will be glad to see you in game and spend some time playing with you.

Enjoying playing in our servers!

Code high, commit sober.
Hey there, we've met already!Glad to see you sign up in our website!Enjoy yourself! ;)
That's one heck of a introduction. Welcome and hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
Merhaba Soner! .. welcome to ETS and hope to see u in-game ;)
Don't worry Soner, i'm 16 too :D Just enjoy playing here!
Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...
silenthunter183 wrote:
Don't worry Soner, i'm 16 too :D Just enjoy playing here!

Oh right, I forgot that for a second. :D Nice!

Thanks to everyone for your comments.
Hello there RNS , welcome to our clan mate.
I'll catch you in the server to play some rounds .... well that would be good if i have some time available since my college started the exams :(
Heya, I believe we have met already. :D

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