Windows 10

Has anyone updated to windows 10 yet? I'd like to share some experiences that I had with the operating system in question

1- It's a lot nicer in my eyes, the design and the artwork put into the log into the session menu is really nice
(courtesy of google)

2- I feel like I gained a few fps.
-> I was playing CSGO for a bit and I feel like I had some more fps and moving seemed a lot smoother (might be the placebo effect)

3- That incredibly annoying start menu from windows 8 was removed Yay, now w10 delivers the comfort of a start menu that windows 7 had

Im still touching the edges here but If you did update your operating system to the latest please due enlight me on what I may have missed

A few SS of the operating system from my pc
(Steam chat was blurred covered you don't need to know what we were talking about :P)


Task Viewer (not task manager, this has the same effect of pressing windows key+tab on windows 7)

Start menu

Control pannel (It's in portuguese but just to show the new internet & sharing center icons and stuff)
Hello Luis,

I have too also upgrade to windows 10 and i would say that i would also agree with the points you have made. Have you also tried out Microsoft Edge that came with the update if so do. Edge is pretty much a windows browser like the windows explorer but dont be fooled by it. You might think "oh its gonna be suckish since it takes too long". It actually doesn't and actually the fact is that i have tested just now between chrome and Edge i have tested for the ets clan site and i can confirm it roughly takes 2 seconds to display the front page for edge while chrome roughly does take around 2-3 seconds(mainly 3 seconds) but dont be fooled just try Edge and see how good it is. I would also like to point out with my own experience not sure if you have also experience this as well Luis, That whenever you play a game or leave a screen to go blank after a while and you are pressing buttons on mouse or moving the mouse and the screen doesn't come back on, I even tried ctrl+alt+delete to see if it would work then but it didn't this led to me turning my power button off and on since it wouldn't load the login screen again. Do watch out if you do decide to get it later but hopefully it will be fixed (It could be me that just experience it so idk if its my machine itself but it can cause stress if you are doing something important on your computer/laptop.

I hope this info has made people get windows 10 in due course or not (if you want any questions pm me or reply in this thread im sure to answer if i have discovered it if not then you are stuck sorry guys)
Nice to hear that, especially that there´s again a Win 7 style Sart menu and not what we saw on Win 8. I think I´ll update it eventually, but not as ong as I run my old laptop as I suppose it will eat too much CPU (and my laptop´s already a bit of slow :violin: )
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Hey Luis, i did not install Win10 yet and the information i gathered doesn't really convince me to do so in the near future. Historically the rule of thumb for new Windows releases is to wait until they fixed the major bugs :)
Also, I personally dont care much about the icons and design (since you can probably modify it in the future anyways).

I have some questions tho:
Did you installed it on a new rig or a virtual machine?

How about the compatibility with older programs.
Did you try to run older programs or some old games like Swat on Win10?
Is there still the option to start stuff as admin and select compatibility mode?

How's the new media player compared to Win7?

Also i read in article Win10 keeps updating graphic card drivers and other stuff automatically and you can't disable it (on Win 10 Home). Can you confirm that?

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Hi Columbo,
thanks for those questions I am going to answer them in order so here goes
1) The installation will take place on the machine itself. What it does it gives you a screen of the progress of it and will restart it over and over again it does it 4 times 3 for the things that you are downloading and things that will put on your machine like the features above and upgrading the drivers and what have you. The 4th time is to make sure everything is there.
2) You can still run compatibility with other programs that hasn't changed
3) You can run games with win10 but if you mean compatibility it is not possible to run programs with the compat of win10 it doesn't appear in properties of programs however this might change over time so it will allow you
4) These features have not changed at all you can still run them as admin and select compat mode.
5) If you are relating to the Cyberlink Media Player 12 then it works like a charm ive played my recordings of swat 4 and it looks good however there is another program called film&tv program which is the same as the media player but doesn't show any of my game play so its best to stick with Media player 12 however I got this from my windows 8 machine so I'm not to whether to get windows then upgrade
6) I cannot confirm this as I don't see any updates on the bar so I cannot prove this plus I don't know how to disable it if it was to do so

Hoped this helps anymore questions don't hesitate
Finally ran into my first problem today, I can't change my adapter priority that stops me from using tunngle which sucks :/ Currently contacting microsoft about this issue.

1- I updated windows 8.1 to windows 10 (believed it overlapsed windows 8.1 replacing it with windows 10) Windows 8 computer, updated to windows 10

2- I've went as far as Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and it seems to be working fine

3- Yes those two options are still available on windows 10

4- Windows 7 was the last windows to have windows media player now it either uses VCL or a random program that microsoft decided to make which asks for your xbox details(microsoft account), its quite weird I just use VCL

5- I have no idea about your last point but I can definetly keep an eye on it :P Either way I don't find it to be that bad that it keeps updating my stuff, I always forget to do it myself :D
No luck, windows 10 adapter system is completely broken for me I cannot change the priorities


Ill take it back AC Brotherhood is broken.... Everything is fu***ing up today, starting to piss me off....

I'd hold on downloading windows 10 I was a fool and fell for the tales told by microsoft

========Another edit so I don't spam this thread with replies :P =======================
I think I figured why AC didn't work, some DLC files were missing when I upgraded from windows 8... was weird either way I'm forced to reinstall it.

Adapter's still not working, I change the priority and when I press ok and go check the priorities again, they are reseted... it's weird.... Waiting on either microsoft or tunngle to come up with a solution.
Adapter priority was working after the nvidia update but when I restarted the pc to install tunngle, it broke again

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