Sorrow - Application

Name: Luca
Age: 19
Country: Italy
Steam Custom ID: IAmTheSorrow
In-game name: Sorrow
Reason why you want to join: I truly missed this community, in the past I left because of school problems. Now I feel like I am able to come back and be active.
Something about yourself: Eh, same old stuff. I study electronics, I'll soon own a KTM 690 SMCR, I like beer as much as I like playing my guytar.
Since how long have you played SWAT4 TSS?: I can't quite remember, I was just a whiney lil kid when I got my hands on SWAT 4 Gold Edition. I've been addicted ever since.
Have you read the rules and do you promise to abide them: Yes, I did, and yes, I promise to follow all the rules.

It's good to be back folks, I've been waiting for this.
Black clouds and Silver linings
Welcome back Sorrow.
You have proven once that you are good member and great person.

I am promoting you to the recruit of our clan. Please, change your name in-game to: |ETS|RC_Sorrow

You have been sent your new recruit password (if not, PM me). You need to use this password, or you will be kicked and reported by AdminBot for using ETS tags without password :D (something I came up with not so long time ago).
Since you are former member of our clan, I will do my best to make your recruit period shorter.

You know the rest.

Code high, commit sober.
Grats on recruit man, I've got no doubts that you'll do great. :)
Welcome back Sorrow !
Good luck with your application ;)
YES!. Welcome back Sorrow. It'll be great to have you back in the action with us. :D
Hey Sorrow, this should end fast. Good luck mate! :D


"Ronda Inferno" ;)
Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
Hello Sorrow,

Glad to see ya mate, now since being a past member im sure your app will go fine anyways have fun and looking forward to seeing you in ETS tags peace and good luck mate

Welcome back Sorrow and good luck! :)
A big fat thank you to everyone who welcomed me back, you guys are amazing!
I'm looking forward to play with every single one of you.

Black clouds and Silver linings
Hey Sorrow, welcome back mate! Sure you'll do just great.
I hate my own nickname...
Hey Sorrow,
voting stage for you has just been started. The voting stage will last for 14 days.
You can track your progress at Portal page via Recruiting status widget (it is located at the left bottom of the page).

Congratulations and good luck!

Kind regards,
Hello Sorrow i'm happy to announce that you have been accepted back into our humble clan Congrats!!
Good to have you back with us, knew you would make it, just a matter of getting to know all the new faces around you know :)
Go ahead and change your in game name to |ETS|Cpl_Sorrow
Looking forward to sit down and have a nice ETS swat night like in the old days, it's allways a nice feeling to have old members join back in. :dance: :D
Thanks to everyone, I can't tell how good it feels to be back, can't wait to play some more with lol of you guys.

Black clouds and Silver linings
Welcome back buddy! :D
Welcome back Sorrow! :D

Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter

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