ARMA II event at saturday 27th September

 When the event is going to happend?

Poll ended at Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:56 pm

26 of September (Friday)
27 of September (Saturday)
28 of September (Sunday)

CO13 Lost Village

Expected Duration: 2 hours
Type of Operation: Cooperative
Scenario: A mechanized US Army Squad, supported by a Force Recon sniper team, searches and clears an insurgent hideout..
Covert operation: No
Offensive/defensive: Offensive, counter-insurgency
Daytime: day

Necessary Mods:

Rifle Squad
#1 Squad Leader, SSG (M4A1 +RCO; CLS) - LessLuck (If someone else wants to take it, feel free to message me)
#2 Fire Team Leader, SGT (M4A1 +RCO; CLS)
#3 Automatic Rifleman, SPC (M249 +CCO)
#4 Grenadier, PFC (M4A1 +CCO, M203)
#5 Designated Marksman, PFC (Mk12 mod 1)
#6 Fire Team Leader, SGT (M4A1 +RCO)
#7 Automatic Rifleman, CPL (M249 +CCO; CLS)
#8 Grenadier, SPC (M4A1 +CCO, M203; CLS)
#9 Anti-Tank Specialist, SPC (M4A1 +CCO)

M1126 ICV Stryker (M2 0.5 MG, SLAT armor)
#10 Commander/Gunner, SGT (M4A1)
#11 Driver, SPC (M4A1)

Scout team
#12 Sniper
#13 Spotter


Recently we received reports about a new insurgent group which came from the north and is now hiding in or near the village of *classified yet*. Estimated number is 5 to 10 insurgents. Further intel suggest that this group is responsible for the recent, vast increase of IED attacks.
Task Force HQ wants to stop or at least disrupt the activities of said group, and furthermore find out where exactly they and their resources are coming from.

For doing this mission we will need at least 8 people here.

Green names: people which are 100% sure that they will participate in the event.
Yellow names: people which are not 100% sure that they will participate in the event.
Red positions: the important slots that has to be filled.
Don't have any scheduled for that day. Count me in!!
Unfortunately I won't be able to participate on that date :( still have fun guys
The info of the event has been updated, I hope that we will get enough people to play it, to fill the slot just write here which one do you want to take.
I'll take the Gunner's seat #10, but I am willing to be squad leader if no one else wants to
mark me as yellow becas its my shift day and i will se or i be able o play after work
Time for the event has been scheduled, it's 18:00 UTC.
LessLuck wrote:
For doing this mission we will need at least 8 people here.

I finished the mission today and it will for sure not work with less than 8 players: sniper + spotter, Stryker Gunner + Driver, and a 4-men ground team. Even then the 4 guys might have a hard time to maneuver, so more players would be better.

If we can't gather enough people this Saturday, we'll have to play another mission. Mb I'll make a backup mission for less players wthout a Stryker, but I don't have a good idea yet. As last resort there is still Moscow File.
I'll take #5.
Guys I'm really sorry, but I won't join you this Saturday. First off I don't think we will get enough players for this mission. Additionally I got kinda one-time opportunity to play Saturday evening with a German Arma3 team which I might join.

Ofc you can still use my server, and if you get 8 players you can play the planned mission without me.

EDIT: Fluffy told me that he won't join as well.
Well... this really didn't went so well as I expected, so I move the event on 14 days ahead, but now I leave it to you to decide if you wanna do it on the saturday or maybe friday or sunday.
Also I've refreshed the participants list so there is noone signed there, so you will need to sign up again for the slot you want (remember to state which slot you want and if you are 100% sure that you will come)
Both won't work for me.
So we are making it at saturday, everyone who is gonna be there post here. (we will do it right after the meeting.)
I will be there. :D
I can take the driver seat :D

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