Arma 2 Discussion Thread

I am making this thread so we can have a place to discuss ideas or make suggestions for Arma ( What we still need to work on, what we can do to make our experience better, How to take off in a plane with crashing, etc.)

You can also discuss the procedure for setting up an official ETS server here, but please refrain from that until we have determined that we are skilled enough to justify setting up a server.

Below is a little followup based on our most recent session........

In our Feb 7th session we played on a custom mission provided by our friends at AST. We were kinda slow picking equipment. But we can let that slide since we were getting use to the mod we were using at the time. And even missions that don't use mods can vary greatly in how they are set up. Some (especially the official missions that come with the games.) have everything set for you at the start while a lot of customs let you have a large ammo supply to chose your own load out.

Since I was the leader for this most recent session I think I deserve a fair bit of criticism for my inexperience in leading Arma multiplayer. I think I should have done a better job at organizing formations. I almost ordered LessLuck (Team marksmen) to climb a tower that was clearly vulnerable. And I also need more practice at helping the team navigate using the map and my bearings. I highlight this because I think it is important for all future team leaders (myself included) to be aware of good cover and firing positions and navigation.

At future sessions I hope that everyone who wants to will get at chance at practicing leadership.

Today we also faced our first example of clearing an enemy-occupied building. This occurred while assaulting the Villa in the "Zargabad" map. The house had two floors and a rooftop level was cleared flawlessly without any friendly casualties. And we located one of our objectives inside, and destroyed it all while holding off enemy advances from outside the compound. I guess because we are a Swat clan, clearing buildings is something we are used too. We also approached the objective by moving through some trees that were next to the house so we would not attract attention.

We did well in the teamwork category, we literally left no man behind when we were forced to carry a severely injured and unresponsive comrade to safety inside a building, even using smoke to cover our escape. However this same incident also highlighted that we need to work a little bit more on medical training since it took a while to revive Viking, ......and he was our medic so reviving him was kinda important. Obviously the extra medical procedures are due to the mods we were using today. But these mods added a lot of realism, The aforementioned incident with an injured Viking felt a lot like a war movie, at least to me it did.

As it stand now we still need more practice with infantry.

Later on we will need practice with vehicles. We used Humvees today, but learning how to use armored vehicles like APCs and of course tanks will help out greatly. And allow us to play (and create) a wider variety of missions.

And we will also need to learn how to fly at least helicopters. And it just so happens that we know the owner of the LessLuck Piloting School, hee hee.

Well guys your free to post comments here. This original post may be edited and updated to reflect our progress as time goes on.
Good to see you had a nice round yesterday, I was playing somewhere, otherwise I might have showed up as well.

A few general hints on leading in ArmA:
- delegate duties, assign roles and (what's pretty important for getting ready to rock fast) assign equipment
- form sub-teams and assign leaders to those; this is not always necessary but it helps a lot, especially when you are completely new to leading in ArmA
- use overwatch elements when in combat and when you expect enemy: no matter how much manpower you have, you should always try to keep one part overwatching from a covered location while the other moves
- make sure you always have a 360° security set up, especially when halting

If you stick with those, you should be able to keep it organized and fight more effectively.

The wounding system is quite simple, getting someone up works roughly like this:
1. Stop the bleeding (with bandages or bandage kits)
2. Stop the pain (with morphine; note that this can be omitted if they patient had morphine injected already)
3. Wake him up with epinephrine

Maybe we can have some joints sessions when you guys got familiar with the game, we might be able to do some missions with up to 20 men then. :)
So... when are we going to play now cap?

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