Rank changes

After another 4 months, we are making some rank changes again. We, again, have good, as well as bad, news. I'd say, let's start with the bad stuff first.

Dismissal of members
Our friend Sorrow is now being moved to the Clan Friends. He went inactive and didn't show up for quite some time. We still hope to see him coming back!

Muppet, legendary member of our clan is having some time issues and it does not seem like he has enough time for playing SWAT now. He is getting demoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Accuser and Espada have both proven to be very mature and decent guys. They are also very active and so it is fair to promote them to the rank of Sergeant. This will grant them admin permissions. (Contact me on Steam/forum if you need help with getting the AdminPanel to work).
The detective agency is being re-opened as well. Our buddy, Detective, who came back to his duty, is being promoted back to the rank of Sergeant. We are sure he will do as good as he did before.
To make matters better, we have decided to promote Chlarmi to the rank of Lieutenant. It is because Muppet has lost on his ranking and there is one space free for Lieutenant - Chlarmi has proven he is mature, active and good enough for this position. He has also a clean record.

I will seize this opportunity as to announce that Bobby has successfully finished his recruitment period and became a full member of this clan - even though he had some touch-up by C2 lately. The rank of Corporal will surely suite him.

Thank you for reading! :-)

Code high, commit sober.
Congrats to those of you getting promoted!
If i were a dog and you were a flower, i'd lift up my leg and give you a shower
It is my honour of gaining my old great rank back !!! I wasn't expecting this , since i believed that i would be promoted again in christmas . I really thank you for the promotion you gave me and as you always know , i'll do my best to take care of the 'bad' player in our server . Thank you very much !!! ;) Also, congratulations to our recruit and to our corporals . I'm really happy that they have a new seat in our clan .
Last but not least, i hope Muppet will rejoin us again in the future so he can gain his old good rank back .

Oh that wasn't expected!! thank you so much for the trust,it is really a big honor !
And congratulations for the guys who were promoted! ;)
Alright, let's go then:

Goodbye Sorrow, we had lots of great rounds in the server and it's a shame seeing you off but I hope you will get back one day, we will be ready to invite you again ;)
Muppet, you get back too mate!

Congratz to Espada and Accuser, you did well guys and those new admin ranks suit you well. Now you can handle rambos yourself, wear those officer emblems with pride and make sure our server stays tactical all of the time ;)

My honest congratulations to Detective, you welcomed me here when I have become a recruit almost two years ago and now I welcome you in admins regiment. It's good to see you again after that inactivity and you've proven you are meant to be an admin ;)

And finally, to my brother Chlarmi (even if not related by blood): FINALLY! If there ever was even the tiniest doubt, I shall tell you this and resolve any possible doubts: That promotion was very well deserved! I welcome you in Lt regiment and now you can use spycam... I mean webadmin to make sure there are no problems in the server. Congratulations! :D
Congratulations to everyone on there new ranks, or in the case of Detective, his OLD rank :D .

Congratulations Bobby, and welcome to the ETS family, I knew you would make it.

It's sad about Sorrow, hopefully, he returns at some point. I also hope to see Muppet return soon.
Wow thank you so much! I'll make sure to do my best wearing the new badge!
and congratulations to all the guys who got promoted, well deserved :)
Whoa, that's quite a bit :)
First of all: Weclome to the family Bobby!!
Chlarmi my friend, absolutely deserved promotion there :dance:
@Espada: So you stated that "The Corporals' Operations room is now more fun" and then you switch over to them Sgts? I'm deeply dissapointed of you :cry:
OK irony off now. Hey Espada and Accuser, that was quite fast, congratulations to both of you. I'm sure you'll do your best to keep Law & Order up :D
Looking forward to rejoin you all!
Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
Congratulations Espada, Accuser and Detective :)
Chlarmi mate well deserved ;)
And last but not least welcome to ETS Bobby :)
Congrats to the people who got promoted.Hope to see Sorrow and Muppet back one day..Boy do I miss muppet..
A bit late, but congratz guys!! :D

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