Rank changes

A slightly new composition of our clan, or shall I say another group of active member, brought me to the idea of changing ranks again. All the changes made are deserved and expected.

I will push the bad news to the beginning of the changes.

Dismissal of members
AkrO and Firefighter are guys who are being dismissed today. Both of them have been inactive for a very long time without letting us know. We would still like to thank you for your presence here and we hope to see you around one day just again.

Our well known Detective is losing on his ranking today and becoming a Corporal. He has been inactive in SWAT and forum for a long time, although we can see him online on Steam pretty often. It is good to mention that he had done a good work as admin here, but now it is time to switch with someone else. He can of course get to his rank again once he becomes active again.

A deserved replacement for Detective is Gas who is coming back to his old rank - Sergeant. We know that Gas is reliable and mature and for recent time also active. Granting him administrator rights is with no doubt.
Last promotion of this day is the most important, yet expected. Xyzzy is being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Not only he is active, but he has proven himself to be a person who can positively contribute with this skills and opinions to the management of our clan. We are sure that this change is very well deserved. It is also fair to mention that Xyzzy was one of the guys who came up with the idea of creating custom maps database, which helped me to kill some time. :D

I would like to congratulate to everyone who is promoted, say goodbye to departed and encourage demoted to become who they were again!

Code high, commit sober.
Congratulations to Gas and Xyzzy!
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
It is a shame for those members to be dismissed I would wish to see them on swat 4 hopefully at some point but congrats from the 'House of Judgement' to Gas and Xyzzy hope to see you guys on swat 4 today or in future

Many Fortunes
Congratulations guys !! :D
Congratulations guys :)
I will update the skin pack ASAP
Congratulations guys!! ;)
Congrats Gas, you bloody desktop raider ;) , about time! And congrats Xyz, more than well deserved!!!
I'd like to give my honest thanks to all the higher-ups for putting their trust in me.

Gas, congratulations again ;)

And last but not least, I hope I will be able to see Detective being active again. He was the very first person who I have played with after I made my application and was my guide here.
This was a pleasant surprise for me!I would like to thank the higher-ups for their trust, it's a great honor, and all I can say is I will try my best not to let them down, being back in my old spot means a lot to me.

Xyzzy, we've already talked through steam, but again accept my congratulations, very well deserved promotion!

To the members that got dismissed, hope to see them back very soon, and about my Greek pal detective..hope to you see back active, so you can earn your spot again!

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