Ranks and recruits

It's time to inform you all about (some of) our recruits as well as some rank changes. But let's start with the recruits first...

To start off I'd like to congratulate Firefighter with successfully completing his application and recruitment period. Welcome to the ETS family Firefighter! As for the other recruits, I'm afraid I don't have much good news. Both Raven and Vinomm have failed their application (check your application topic for more info).

Like I already said, there are also rank changes happening today. Let's start with the good news again...

Our Sergeant Reyb has proven once again that he's a good tactical player and also has the professional attitude required to take on a more prominent position in our clan. So therefor I'm promoting him to the rank of Lieutenant, granting him Webadmin access. Congratulations lieutenant Reyb!

Unfortunatly there are also a couple of members who will be demoted today. StreetCRIME, Xylinado and Imprzz are all demoted to the rank of Corporal. Xylinado and Imprzz have very little activity on our server, but also almost no activity at all on our website (Xylinado doesn't even have an account). The situation with StreetCRIME is a little different of course, since we know that he's in the US right now and apparently doesn't have much time or oppertunity to play. Still I don't see much use for him to remain as a Sergeant since we don't know when or even if he will be back again. Sergeants, who have admin rights, need to be active to administrate the server and since I want to balance the number of corporals and sergeants out more (it's kinda strange to have more sergeants than corporals) I'd like to only keep the active sergeants at their rank. This will also give active corporals a chance to raise in ranks in the future without creating a disbalance between sergeants and corporals again.

The rank of Corporal puts less pressure on players in terms of activity. However, there are limits to the amount of time someone can completely be inactive within our clan. That's why, after more than 9 months of inactivity, I have to release Diaboli and remove his membership from ETS. Hopefully he will show up here again one day and perhaps be part of ETS once again.
Gratz reyb and Firefighter!
I've already written it into his app but congratulations here again, Firefighter!

And I'd like to thank you for your trust and support! It's nice to have that shiny Lt badge and I'll proudly wear it :)
Congratz reyb!
Congrats reyb and Firefighter! :clap:
Congratulations guys!

Code high, commit sober.
Congratz Reyb and Firefighter!!!
Congratualtions to the guys who had just promoted ;)
Gongrats firefighter and reyb, well done!
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