The end of another year...


At the end of this year I was looking back and one of the things I just realized was the fact that we have a total of 16 different nationalities represented in our clan. We can truly say that we are an international community!

I think it's also fair to say that 2012 wasn't an easy year for us. Twice this year we had a major crisis at which some (or maybe even many) believed that it would be the end of ETS. But it wasn't...

Despite that we lost several good members on both occasions, we could always rely on a solid group of members who kept things going through those hard times. ETS kept going and many of the members who left were welcomed back to become part of our great clan once more. And even when Gamespy abandoned SWAT 4 and the masterserver was lost, we still kept seeing lots of activity on our server and we're also still attracting new recruits.

I am proud to be your clan leader during these times and I would like to take this moment to give a big thanks to all ETS members here, who together are keeping this clan one of the greatest in the SWAT 4 community! I also want to thank all our friends from other communities such as AST and SAS who are also doing a great effort to keep the SWAT 4 community alive.

So I wish you guys all the best for the coming year. I'm sure there will be new challenges as well, but I'm also sure that we will be able to deal with them and make 2013 another successful year for ETS and the SWAT 4 community!
It's hard believing that we were expecting a death certificate for ETS few weeks ago, indeed. I must agree with you Struis, we are doing great. Only the thing was not to give up and keep fighting when others stopped believing. I hope all the bad things are behind and we can, finally, focus onto a many beautiful things that are for sure waiting for us and the SWAT 4 community soon!

And one more, one more thing should have been said, but haven't been yet. One big thank goes to YOU Struis. I must say you are doing really nice. With your personality, you remind me our old good clan leader Night, whom we missed many times since he left. You don't even know how much you mean to ETS.

Happy new year to everyone!



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I'm proud to be in this international community |ETS|, it's a great place to be in. And I'm glad Struis you are our Leader. You're friendly, calm, understanding! :clap:

Struis, Hunter and a lot of other members saved the clan from extinction. So I guess next year these things won't happen again.

Happy New Year everyone. ;)
You see this blue and white flag at the top ? yeee this is my flag , your favourite detty ( George ) is from Greece :lol:

I am so proud to say that i am a member on ETS . Together we have a lot of fun on server or idn .... on other games and laughing hard together until our stomach will be blown off on our PC screen :P . Despite our difficulties , like the swat 4 server list which everyone was paniced until markmods made a programme or the epic fail of Kate which stupid girl ripped our website which was supported by the ucoz services :P .
Also , i want to say a big thanks to our CL ( Clan Leader ) Struis , who accepted me in this clan once more , because i did a very importand mistake which only an a**hole could do that . However , i am so glad that we have a new Clan Leader and i hope he will continue his great job doing some importand duties to keep this clan members informed and keep this clan with it's server alive of course .
Happy new year ( not 2020 neither 1988 ) :D guys and i wish you to get well at schools , lesson and in careers for the big guys . However , for the big guys which have a wife , children and a family to take care i wish everyone to be happy and don't spend so much money cause of this .... economy situation which everyday gets worst .

Detective :text-happynewyear:
Thanks StruisMan...I wanna wish you the best in the future...and also thank you for many things you made for SWAT community...I wont count myself in it maybe some of you know what I mean...if not well think a bit : D...Stay cool guys...see you in missions...

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Happy new year guys :)
Let's make it another great year for the swat community, mb we can finally organize a working tournament in 2013 ;)
Happy new year :D

Although the obstacles we faced we came through,CYA 2012 xD
Happy new year for everyone! Image

Hunter wrote:
One big thank goes to YOU Struis. I must say you are doing really nice. With your personality, you remind me our old good clan leader Night

I agree with Hunter, you are doing really great job Struis!! I'm happy that you are leading the clan! Image
Nice Speech Struis, well said and a happy new year to all clan members and fellow swat players.

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