Jump in SWAT?

Yes i know you cant jump in SWAT 4.. well till i found this cheat code ''Set jump height: setjump [number]''. i did some research and all the websites i came across with cheatcodes for the game has the same cheatcode. Anyone have an idea on what this is used for? :think:

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setjump [number]
We have fall damage so maybe originally, SWAT 4 had jumping and this was the cheat for it but the feature was removed in the retail version? The mod "SWAT 4 +9 Trainer" has jumping in it though.
Swat4 is based on the Unreal Engine, so there is no technical limitation that would prevent jumping. This feature was disabled on purpose by the developers. Maybe to simplify the level-design for them or improving the immersion for players, we only can guess...

If you enable jumping via tools/mods during a multiplayer match, you probably can reach places that normally wont be accessible; Thus that has to be considered cheating.

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I doubt you would be able to actually jump in multiplayer (with using this thing).

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Well in real life combat you don't really jump carrying 30kg of equipment, so implementing it would hinder realism. However there should be a way to ease ridiculous blocks e.g. unable to cross over a small wall smaller than a staircase step.
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We definitely should do BS mode with this shit, lmao.

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