Bugs Guide

Let's be honest here, SWAT 4 is a great game but it has a bunch of annoying bugs.
Having a better understanding of what bugs you can expect may give you a chance to avoid them and play the best you can without encountering a single one of them.
Sounds good? Have a good read then ;).

Should you know any other bugs not mentioned here, let us know!

[spoiler=1) „Illegal Kill” (BUG)]Have you ever killed a sus who was aiming at you and got illegal kill warning? Well, that’s actually a quite common bug and it’s present most often out of all SWAT 4 bugs. Keep in mind that this bug should not be mistaken with “bugged animations bug”. It looks like this: you proceed with your team, a sus is encountered far ahead, he then aims at you but when you kill him thinking “heh, aiming at me, too bad”, you get illegal kill, you are like “what is that for the love of god?”. It seems to happen when suspect is hidden behind some object or you are the one hiding. Even if it’s only one tiny crate in front of you, you can still get a penalty. RoE system is like “Man, he wasn’t aiming at YOU, he was aiming at the crate in front of your foots”. My favourite spot for this bug to happen is on the Old Granite Hotel map right after you reach upstairs area, should you see a suspect behind this transparent wall (foil?) on the left. That’s an interesting situation if he’s aiming at you.You kill him = illegal kill, if you don’t shoot = you get killed.

There is yet another possible situation when you can get an illegal kill even if suspect is aiming at you. It’s EXTREMELY rare though. Should you encounter any suspect and not yell for compliance, he can notice you and aim at you right away. Should you shoot at him with low firerate gun (i.e. .45 smg) and yell for compliance simultaneously it’s possible to get illegal kill. Explanation would be as follows: as the suspect was taking non-yet-lethal damage, you yelled for compliance at him during this time and he decided to comply but as he took the last deadly bullet, he was giving up already, so that’s considered illegal. As long as he DIDN’T shoot at all, you CANNOT kill anyone who’s complying and putting his hands in the air. It really is a very bad timing but it is possible. It’s easy to avoid, just spam action button (“F” or MMB) should you see any suspect (but not during scanning of course).

How to deal with it: The best way is to avoid this bug. It’s not easy but it’s possible. You should maintain ETS play style “if I see sus, I deploy a nade”. Drop some “Sus spotted!” binds and deploy a bang (if you are the coverman). Trying your best to arrest rather than kill is the best way to avoid the “Illegal Kill Bug”. There is however certain way to make sure a kill will be a 100% legal one. Should any suspect open fire at any direction, you are free to kill him and it’s all in compliance with Rules of Engagement.

Bonus: Not all kills are due to illegal kill bug. Firstly, be absolutely sure you have the full understanding of Rules of Engagment (RoE) but not the In-Real-Life one but In-Game one. In theory:
You CAN shoot any suspect who is aiming at you, your teammate or any cilivian (hostage situation) or any suspect who has opened fire at any direction even once.
You CANNOT shoot down suspects who have their weapon concealed, have their weapon in hands but are not shooting at anyone and are not aiming at anyone, have complied or are complying.
There two types of RoE penalties: -5 for illegaly incapacitated but alive suspect and -10 for illegaly killed. However, there is no penalty for hurt suspect, so as long as you don’t illegaly incapacitate or kill any suspect, the game doesn’t care.
See a running sus? You can shoot his leg and it’s absolutely legal. As long as he’s able to walk it’s all good and he can start limping if you are lucky, meaning he won’t run far.
You can also force a suspect to drop his gun if you shoot him in the arm (elbow?) with fmj bullet, it doesn’t happen everytime though.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=2) “One Shot Instant Kill” (BUG)]Have you ever encountered a situation when suspect kills you with just single bullet and stops aiming right away after firing this one bullet?
That’s quite rare but it happens. This bug doesn’t just come out of nowhere it must be “activated”. There are two ways to do that. First one is when you stand in the doorway and just lean. Suspect can turn into terminator mode and just kill you with a single bullet. Instant death. Second one is when any suspect hide behind any cover. Do NOT run after him! There’s a chance he will lean and kill you with a single bullet with 100% accuracy, firing right after he leans. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to react in such situations. Bad luck mate.

How to deal with it: Don’t lean! EVER! And don’t chase runners at all or stop doing so as soon as you lose sight of him, it’s extremely dangerous.

Bonus: If suspect decide to flee, he will keep this “runner status” and just run away until he finds a good spot to hide, he won’t fight you. However, you can force him to aim at you and get a legal kill. You need to get close, it’s quite easy to do so when he reaches the door and needs to open it.
Also, if suspect starts running away but he’s still close to you, you can stun him with a flashbang grenade or shoot him in the knee (he will fall to the ground for around 2.5-3 seconds) and then rush to him and throw some punches. However, you need some skills to do it as it ain’t easy.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=3) “Immunity to Punching and Cobra Tazer Stun Baton Mode” (BUG)]So you decided to punch a suspect but it looks like your punches didn’t reach him but you were standing right next to him. Or maybe you decided to stun him with a cobra tazer (using punch key, not LMB) and it didn’t work too? It can be because of lag issue but that’s also a clear 100% bug, which happens everytime when it’s “activated”.
Now to make things clear, only suspects can activate this bug and the only way for it to happen is when a suspect stands right in front of any door. He gets 100% immunity to punching and cobra tazer stun baton mode. However, he loses this immunity as soons as the door opens.

How to deal with it: That’s easy. As soon as suspect reaches the door either give up chasing him or (if you feel brave) wait for him to open the door and then punch him (getting too close beforehand will make him turn around and aim at you). Or you can use a tazer the normal way (LMB), it works normally.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=4) “Immunity to Tazer In General” (BUG)]It goes like this, you see a suspect and try to taze him multiple times but he doesn’t care at all, giving you confused look like “you up to something, lil guy?” and then kills you before you switch to your primary gun. I know… it’s very annoying.

How to deal with it: Sadly, there is no way. Hard luck. Write to me and I will lift your spirit.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=5) “I Will Never Yield” (BUG)]So you keep tazing and punching a suspect, he falls to the ground incessantly but doesn’t want to give up and you run out of ideas what to do, while in the meantime his friends show up and kill you at the spot. Please do NOT mistake this bug with the female civilian on Department of Agriculture map who doesn’t want to give up even if you use a tazer on her but in the end comply should you taze her 7+ times. This bug is related to suspects who NEVER yield. Good info is this bug seems to happen only on local servers I haven’t seen it even once during online play.

How to deal with it: There is no way. Just restart.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=6) “Immune to Pepper Spray” (UNINFORMED OR BUG)]You encountered a suspect with a gas mask and decided to pepper spray him but it doesn’t work at all. How is that possible? He should be affected for a short time, right? Well, no.
I’m not sure if that’s a bug but if you think a pepper spray would work on masked suspects in COOP you are uninformed. Don’t worry though, read the following and remember it well.
It’s true that in multiplayer a gas mask gives you (as a human player in either SWAT or Suspects team) 100% immunity to CS gas and shorten pepper spray stun effect by around 75%. However, it works differently for AI suspects, as they get 100% immunity to CS gas AND pepper spray. Has anyone told you that life is fair?

How to handle it: Don’t use gas on masked suspects in COOP. That’s it.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=7) “No Stun Effect For Breaching Shotgun” (UNINFORMED)]So you have breached into the room with a BSG but suspects are not stunned?
That’s because BSG has no stun effect at all. Is it useless at COOP then? Yes, it is.

How to deal with it: Don’t use BSG on COOP.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=8) “Suspect Entering Through Closed Door” (BUG)]You saw a suspect running at you and decided to slam the door right into his face, yet he didn’t care at all, has entered through the closed door and killed you? That’s not a horror ghost story, that’s your typical bug in SWAT 4. The only way for this to happen is when a suspect stands very close to the door as you are closing them. Think of it as “as long as it’s not 100% closed, he can enter through even the tiniest space there is”.

How to deal with it: Don’t slam doors into suspects’ faces. It’s a very rude thing to do anyway.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=9) “Shot Through Door By AI Suspect” (BUG)]A suspect saw you next to the door and you decided to close them. Feel safe now? Yet you were killed by this suspect who nonchalantly shot you through the door. You are confused because he was supposed to try entering through the door and keeps saying “Oh it’s stuck! How is that possible, why now?” over and over again. Apparently that’s not a case if suspect sees you as you are closing the door and stay there right in the same place (in front of the door, blocking it with your body). It’s like a suspect “remembers” your position and just shoot at you like there’s no door here.

How to deal with it: If sus sees you, close the door but don’t block it, back up and deploy a flashbang nade.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=10) “Suspects Can See You Through Walls” (BUG)]Easy as that. Just suspects having X-ray in their eyes. Good info, it happens only if you decide to lean.

How to deal with it: Don’t lean.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=11) “Ultraspeed Limping Mode” (BUG)]So a suspect was shot in the leg and he’s limping, yet he’s extremely fast and you hide in fear as no one told you that you are against terminator himself here. Trust me, it’s the only bug you really want to see, it’s just so funny to see.
To get a picture, imagine this:
If sus run away, he’s speed equals 100%.
If you shoot a sus in the leg and he starts limping, his speed drops to 25%.
If a sus is limping but he’s bugged, you can see a suspect with limping animation but his speed is at 175%.

How to deal with it: Just watch him go. No harm done and it’s amazing.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=12) “Bugged Animations” (BUG)]You’ve got a hostage situation with suspect yelling “Don’t come closer or I will shoot!” but he’s not aiming at all, so you think it’s all good. But a civilian is killed right away and no one shoot at all. Well a suspect just did but you didn’t see that because of bugged animations and in fact he WAS aiming at the civilian.

How to deal with it: Pay attention to what civilian and suspects say. Should you see/hear anything which indicates that a hostage situation just took place, shoot a sus right away. Better safe than sorry.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=13) “Dying Too Fast” (UNINFORMED)]Well, you died but think it was too fast “I took only 1-2 bullets”. The damage multiplier on COOP for SWAT officers is x2.0 (in comparison to x1.25 on BS and VIP modes). That means you will die very fast. Having armor won’t give you much protection either here.

How to deal with it: Don’t use armor at all or try to avoid getting shot.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=14) “Instantly Killed By a Charging Suspect” (LAG)]A suspect keeps charging in your direction, so you get ready for him to stop and aim at you. But as he’s getting closer, you get a lag and the next scene you see is your dead body on the floor. That’s a lag, not a bug. However, it’s not related to your internet connection, it’s a “system” lag related to the game engine. There was this infamous saying “The better rig you have, the more lags you have in SWAT 4”, it’s a truth to some extent.

How to deal with it: Outside the game you can close all unnecessary applications, set game cache size to a higher value in .ini file (less lags but longer loading time). In game the easiest way to avoid this bug is to get off suspect’s way or shoot him the knee so he falls down on the floor. This way you get some time to pull out your tazer, deploy a nade or just punch him.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=15) “Suspect Aiming But Not Shooting At You” (EXPLOIT)]If you get close to suspect and run around him throwing punches, he will continue to aim at you, following you with his gun but won’t shoot until he gets a clear shot. Until you stay still in other words. Very useful if sus shows up right in front of you and you have a tazer/nade in your hands. It doesn’t happen everytime, keep that in mind.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=16) “C2 Trick Bug” (EXPLOIT)]As you may know C2 is overpowered. Why? Because it can stun every AI player in around 10 meters in front of the door (and slightly to the sides) and it doesn’t matter if suspects are hiding behind the cover or not. We have utilized this for C2 tricks, planting C2 on doors, yet blowing it after we open the door. That gives a possibility of stunning suspects on the left/right side of the entrance. It’s possible to use map geometry and c2 tricks to stun suspects through walls.[/spoiler]
Wow, that's a very big guide there mate, good job ;)
You forgot the one where they will see you, stand still and keep talking about shooting you without aiming and you can just go up and tase them. Or the one where they can take half a magazine of headshots to bring down even though you know you've taken the right ammo. Or the ones where you will get shot in the leg/arm with no penalty, but your aim might randomly ness-up without getting shot in the arm. Also, I'm not sure the "one shot instant kill" bug is a bug so much as the stopping power of some weapons or the suspect getting lucky and shooting you in the head with a weaker gun when you are wearing a gasmask or in the neck. I know the AK can take out teammates with 1 shot to the head (I've used it on a teamkiller), heavily armored sus with 1 FMJ bullet to the chest/neck/head and with the UMP I've taken down 3 suspects with 1 shot to the chest/head each on the Taronne map with JHP ammo. I've also been able to take out unarmored tangos with 1 9mm JHP bullet in the same area too (the semi mode seems to have the weird effect of having more powerful bullets than the burst mode on the MP5). The bug part is the accuracy they get after they were running away and instantly turn around.
Nice tutorial mate! ;)
xyzzy wrote:
Suspect Entering Through Closed Door
How to deal with it: Don’t slam doors into suspects’ faces. It’s a very rude thing to do anyway.
I liked it :D
Great guide Xyzzy! It is surely good to have such a summary here. ;)

Code high, commit sober.
Very heplful post indeed, Ty Xyz :) :v
Good Job
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