Elite Difficulty Walkthrough

It took me a while but here it is. My goal was to complete the whole single-player campaign with 100/100 ending score without relying on Optiwand, C2, CS and Peppergun. I've obtained the necessary skill after 6 years of playing SWAT online. Surprisingly, it's quite doable but requires patient approach, fast reflex, lots of luck and a little trick... I came up with idea of using a BSG for the "reaction check" (to lure nearby suspects and arrest them on the spot) and managed to succeed. So... I post a video here in case you'll be interested. If you want to discuss anything regarding my tactic or something else, feel free to do it. Please, do not incorporate BSG reaction check in online play. I did it and failed miserably :D.

PS. I dislike less-lethal approach but it was necessary for this difficulty level.

Missions 1-5

Missions 6-13
This an impressing skill and patience work. you have my compliments :)
Black clouds and Silver linings
Good job ;)
Video quality is too damn low.
But still, you made a good job.
I don't care if you used LL or not, this is awesome. Didn't watch all of it, only skipped to tough missions so yeah... good job. :D
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

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Sokol wrote:
I don't care if you used LL or not, this is awesome.

Noone used me,wtf?
Nice job xyzzy :)

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