Tutorial: Server list in game doesn't work

Hello players,
for those who don't know it yet, master server of SWAT 4 doesn't exist anymore, which basically means you can not see any server in your in-game server list.
I guess we are missing such a basic guide on our site, that's why I'm posting it right here.

To fix your server list in game, you have to download a patch (links below) from MarkMods.com, which will re-build your game and your server list will be working again.
Installing patch is really easy. Just follow the guide included in the downloaded file.

Make sure you have downloaded right version of the patch!
For SWAT4:TSS, download this patch -> DOWNLOAD SWAT4:TSS PATCH
For SWAT4, download this patch -> DOWNLOAD SWAT4 PATCH

Also make sure that you've read all of its known bugs!

Code: Select all

Sorting in gamelist is broken.
Direct IP join doesn't work.
Single Player mode is broken, game crashes.
ACM Mod a certain button is overlapped
Quit Button in Main menu dissapears when you return to MainMenu.
You have to put your name everytime when you go back from server list to home page
You cannot uninstall the patch, unless you make a copy of your System Directory and manually restore it.


Thank you for reading

Code high, commit sober.
Nice tutorial Hunter. Just one thing: maybe you should change the thread titel so that people won't mistake it for a help request instead of a tutorial (maybe change it to a question or add 'tutorial:' in front of it?). I know it's already in the tutorial section but when I saw it on the main page, I thought there was actually something wrong with the Marksmod serverlist :D
Yup, this helped me a lot. I couldn't figure out what patch I needed to fix the List. So thanks for the help.
Problem solved. I love Tutorials hehe. :geek:
Thanks Hunter. ;)
https://swat4stats.com/servers/ I use this one because the mod that you posted disables Single Player.
Yeah, it seems swat4stats.com has created a new way to get server list working which has none of the drawbacks of the markmods patch. SP mode and Mega Campaign Mod works fine too.

See the instructions here: https://github.com/sergeii/swat-patches ... sterserver

The DNS file editing trick works at least on vanilla, but on TSS I think one has to replace the dll to get it working. Remember editing the hosts file requires UAC elevated privileges. However, some servers including ETS are missing from the server list. Maybe they can be added there somehow?

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