SWAT Tactics.

You are in command of 4 SWAT units with unique equipment, storming a well defended terrorist building.
SWAT objective: Neutralize(Arrest or Kill) all terrorist and rescue civillians. Sometimes you willl recive a VIP mission or defuse bomb mission. All of it can be together :P
Terrorist objective: Kill all SWAT members and leave the area. Sometimes you will need to take VIP from hands of SWAT and plant bombs.

Terrorist have one commander, which give order to his minions.
SWAT Team has a leader, which controls his 4 man squad (5 if we are counting you in).

Weapons to choose from:
Pistols: Colt M1911 (.45 acp), Glock 17/18/19 (9mm), SIG Sauer P250(9mm), Beretta M9 (9mm), Fort-17 (9mm), Makarov PM (9mm).
Submachine guns: MP7 (4.6mm), MP5 (9mm), PP2000 (9mm), ARES FMG (9mm), FN P90 (5.7mm).
Assault rifles: M16 (5,56mm), M4A1 (5,56mm), Bakalov (5,56/7,62mm), FN F200 (5,56mm), G36 (5,56mm).
Shotguns: Spas 12, Winchester Model 1200, Benelli M4 Super 90.
Sniper rifles: M24 (7,62mm), FR F2 (7,62mm).
Granades: He(High explosives), Flashbang, Smoke.
Special equipment: Tazer, Wand, Wedges, C2, Police shield.
Pistols: Glock 21/36/30 (.45 acp), Heckler & Koch USP (9mm), P-96 (9mm), Colt Python (.357 magnum), Walther PPS (9mm).
Submachine guns: AK-74 (5,56mm), Heckler & Koch UMP (9mm), PP-19 Bizon (9mm), Uzi (9mm), Arsenal Shipka (9mm)
Assault rifles: AK-101 (7,62mm), FAMAS G2 (5,56mm), AK-47 (7,62mm), ČZW-556 (5,56mm), IMI Galil (5,56mm)
Shotguns: Saiga, Browning Auto-5, KS-23.
Sniper rifles: Dragunov SVU (7,62mm), KSVK 12.7(mm)
Granades: He(High explosives), Smoke.
Special equipment: Molotov cocktail, self made bombs, streamers (garanade attached to a piece of string, gpoing from one side of wall to another), C4.

Head: Balaclava, Helmet+glasses, Gas mask +Helmet, Riot police helmet.
Body: Light Kevlar, Heavy Kevalar, No armor.
Head: Balaclava, Mask (any), no mask, glasses, gas mask.
Body: Light kevlar, no armor, Sahid Vest.

Organization name:
SWAT: United Kingdom "SAS", 'Murica "SWAT", France "GIGN", Germany 'GSG9", Canada "RCMP", Israel "EKAM", Latvia "OMEGA", Russia "OMON", Russia 'SOBR", Ukraine "BERKUT".
Terrorist: "Balochistan Liberation Army", "ETA", "Hamas", "Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development ", "Irish National Liberation Army", "Kurdistan Workers' Party", "National Liberation Army", "Muslim Brotherhood".
P.S these are all real organizations.

Courthouse, Shopping mall, Bank, Gas Station, Warehouse, Police Station, Museum, Art Gallery, Zoo, Cinema, Theater, Presiden palace, Subway, Office complex, Sport complex, Train Sation, Hospital, Office buiding, Caffe, Restaraunt, School, Kindgarden, University, Collage, Factory, Airport, Ship, Plane, Train.

Easy: 6-12 enemys.
Medium: 14-22 enemys.
Hard: 24-32
Vert hard: 34-42

How to play :D :
One person can become a leader of terrorists. Anyone basicly can take up this position. Just write "want to be terrorsit leader". Also choose a name for your Terrprist organization.
One person can become a SWAT Team leader. Just write "want to be a SWAT leader". You can split however you like your team and pick any of the "list name" for your team.
Afterward, Terrorist leader chooses loaction(Anywhere on the map) of his crime and scenario(Hostage rescue, bombe defuse, Vip rescue/escort). Oh and also pick a name of his Terrorist group :P
He also decides in which of above listed transports/building this thing will be taking place + He can decide: how many floors/space will be in the building/transport vechicle. Don't forget to place your minions and give them unique equipment. If not, then Refere( that would be me) crates insides of the map and may choose any of the maps, if Terrorist leader don't want to do that.
Swat Team leader also choose the difficulty or it can be random , if you don't really care :D
After that, post will be made notfiing SWAT Team leader about incedent and will give breief information about the place, maybe even a map ;).
Swat team keader will have a moment to decide gear (Also includes guns) of his team and formation(Also includes roles).
After that, when everything will be checked. Green light will be geven by refere, after that game turns intro turn-based strategy game. Like x-com.
You will have to describe your movments very detailed.
Both teams need to follow it's objective to succed. Refere will be juding the preformance of both teams and after finishing will give them theyr rank/points. Like in SWAT 4.

Note, only SWAT Team will be given negative points.
Injuring a hostage (-15 points)
Killing a hostage (-30 points)
Swat member down (-20 points)
Swat member dead (-50 points)
Explosing of a bomb (-80 points)
Injuring a VIP (-40 points)
Unnecessary use of lethal force towards civillians (-10 points)
....................................towards criminals (-5 points)
Killing a VIP - Autamatic "Misssion Failed"
Maximum amont of points that you can get is 1000 :)

I do belive that's all. I hope i didn't miss something :P
And whats the point of it?

No Retreat No Surrender
You should write what is this "game" about and how to play, not just post some random stuff. xD
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
Nameing can be the sane as in SWAT for swat team: Alpha,Bravo ..A1,A2 and B1,B2.
For Terrorists by theyr armor i guess: No armor squad, light armored squad and shadi/sucide bomber squad. :D oh also you can do this sahid+gas mask x5 (for example), Glasses+light armor x10( for example, again) and so on...

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