Just a quick post saying Hi from my part to this community

Was long time since I played this amazing game so I thought why not try it once again. Then figured out how to use Swat 4 Alternative server browser. And here we go first server was ETS. Nice players, nice atmosphere and I joined this forum now to say Hi and Thank you for nice games

Can say few things about my self so you might see me more clearly as a player rather than just random dude from web

I like tactical gaming and swat 4 was my first tactical mp game I ever played and it hooked me so much that I kept playing it since release date til SOG clan collapse. Been in SOG for many years and it was long and interesting experience. Sadly ended. I started playing in more advanced game as Arma. Now and then keep playing with community. In reality love airsoft. Playing it since 2008 and modeling ( dont missunderstand with reconstruction ) USMC. Great hobby on clear air what else you need after hard workweek :P

So now you know about me a little bit more :)
Cool! My first tactical fps game was the old "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon" on Xbox (got it for christmas when I was 6 years old), hidden in the basement somewhere waiting to bring me back to the good ol' times.
Years later I got my first PC, got interested in multiplayer games, then I discovered "SWAT 4" and "Rainbow Six: Raven Shield", I became addicted instantly and took me another couple of years
to figure out there was a full version of SWAT 4 on torrent (yes, I've played the demo for too long :lol: ). And that's a bit of my "gaming" history.

Thank you too for hanging with us! :D
Heya Orion! Nice introduction so I guess I'll let you know my gaming history too.

First ever game in the tactical genre I remember playing as a little child was "M1 Tank Platoon 2", which was created the year I was born in 1998 :http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r5/mziskandar/Running%20Old%20Games/08-M1TP2-Warzone.jpg. After that, my dad bought me Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six : Rogue Spear, and later Ghost Recon and Raven Shield. Those were the games I played for the majority of my childhood until 2005 when SWAT4 was released. Been playing it ever since. :>
Nice to meet you friend. I hope you enjoy yourself on the ETS servers. :D

I too love the old Ghost Recon. The tactics and planning, and the AI was really something for 2001. The enemies would actually use cover and tactics of their own.
Hello mate, have some good round with u yesterday and u learn our tactics very fast. We are very welcome newbies join us, have fun in ETS server :D :D
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hi Orion, welcome to the ETS. Enjoy your stay. :)
I hate my own nickname...
Thank you very much lads. Very warm welcome! :)
Catch you up on servers

Oh and I guess need correct my self as swat 4 was my tactical mp game where I used actually tactic with others :) If speaking of very first 'tactical' game then it will be Delta force 1 :D
Welcome Orion! Glad you've enjoyed playing with us so far and I look forward to having some games with you in future :) I'm sure you'll come to know and love many of the lovely people here at ETS in no time :P
Hi there Orion and welcome to ETS !
It is always good to see new people joining us,enjoy your stay here.
See you in-game!
Good to see you in our website..

see you in our server soon ;)

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:D thank you xD

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Yeah where are these replies coming from? :lol:

Orion was last online 21st August of last year. I think he won't be reading this anymore. :clap:

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