What are you listening to?

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Danger, Danger - Don't talk to Strangers
Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
Haven't posted in ages, so heeeeeere we go. :shock:

Tracks that put Accuser's Future and Prog(dep)ressive house to shame! My favourites at the moment are Sinden - Baby and PROXY x Lektrique - Yow. :handgestures-thumbup: :dance:
I have a big interest in electric songs, it has its own charm you know.
I currently have my mind on a few songs, this one's long build-up is just spot on from fascinating to intensively exciting, oddly emotional too from my perspective.

Here's another one I found "emotionally exciting".

Another favorite.

You guys ever had that artist you listened to when you were younger and depressed? :D
Well, for me that artist was Aphex Twin, and his music is still more like art to me.

^ Skip to 4:18 for the actual music! ^

For when you just want to take 10 minutes to relax and think. It helped me think anyway.

Skip to 1:43 for one of his best rhythms, in my opinion.

On a good day. :lol:


Code high, commit sober.
Song - nice. Videoclip - Nani the fuck.

Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...

"Um...Just one more thing..."
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