7 Days, Killing Floor, Garry's Mod

Hi guys it's ANDY, I had to make a new ID because I couldn't remember my password for my ANDY account and I can't enter my email address to get the lost password. Anyway my friend and I "James", are playing some Co-Op games just for some fun, he is new to swat 4 and new to the overall Tactical Team work world of gaming. So he is still very much learning how to communicate and team work in games. I started him off with SWAT 4, showing him the basics. He loves it. We started in the |ITS| server, but the problem is, when we play with those guys they usually play with several different kinds of tactics, some rush tactical play, flash and go, others go slow and plan every room perfect using different tactics.

If you guys can take some time on the |ETS| server and maybe show him how to play with |ETS| Tactics it would help him a lot, learning one set of professional tactics instead of seeing many types in a few rounds would make it easier for him to remember one set of movements, easier for him to learn team work. If you're interested in teaching him let me know. I gave him the Forum address and TS3. Also another way I am teaching him to team work is in other Coop games such as Killing Floor, you need to protect one another to survive needs huge team work. Garry's mod, using coordination to build is a great way to learn team building skills such as communications.. Another game called 7 Days To Die. Overall this game is an open world game, you work as a team to find loot, build forts, feed each other and protect one another to survive.

The issue is, we play on Tunngle. So getting him used to working with a team is kinda hard when we only have him and me playing. If you guys would be interested we need more team members to join us just for some fun team coop games. If interested we have 7 Days To Die version 1.86 and Garry's Mod 13, Killing Floor, latest patch. He is also looking for a Clan to get into PC gaming full time. Possible recruit I guess. He is 23 years old from the United States. He only started playing PC 2 weeks ago but he already plays like a Pro. His Xfire is Killme567 same name on Steam and PS3. feel free to add him with either of these programs, we will also be on TS3 ETS or ITS server between 7pm till late British time.I hope to see some old faces joining us for some fun rounds. If not thanks anyway for reading this long text. :mrgreen:
Hail the king of the big posts :D hey Andy :P. Your friend can come to our server anytime and play with our guys, there is nothing else what is needed :P.

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