Scariest Game Ever?

Hey guys, We talk alot about horror games we have played. And since it's now October, I thought I would create this thread so that everyone can say what they think is the scariest game ever, and to recommend other horror-based games, and talk about why they creep the hell out of us.

For me the scariest game I ever played is F.E.A.R. and it's two expansions. The great thing about FEAR is that the horror element is designed to get under your skin. And it only gets creepier and scarier as you progress through the game. The game mostly pits you against human opponents, (mostly the clone army, that Paxton Fettel,the psychic villain in the game, commands.) But the levels feature constant appearances by ghostly figures and unexplained happenings, especially Alma, the creepy little girl in the red dress. When the expansions introduce more ghostly and monster type enemies (in addition to the soldiers returning from the first game), it only adds to the scare factor.

I'll admit when I played the game for the first time it, It started to get to me so much that at one point when was thrown from the room of an office, I unloaded my weapon on it only discover that it was just a dead body. And at the end level of one of the expansions, I was actually hoping to fight some of the normal enemies just so I wouldn't feel like I was alone in a blood-covered hospital.

Yup it did it's job pretty well with me. I'm currently playing through FEAR 2 and 3. Haven't gotten to far through so I can't tell you if their as scary yet.

What horror games are your favorites? and why would you recommend them?
Well first, I must say the name of the newer game that a lot of people were trying last month called "SLENDER!". This is a very basic game. You start in a Forrest with no weapon, no nav guide, no clue on what to do. your job is to look for 8 letters. Find the first and you're being hunted by SLENDER!. I cant do this game any justice by talking about it.. trust me I never been so scared in my life by such a low spec game with so little objectives. All you do is walk around in the dark with a flash light looking for letters with some scary guy always chasing you but yet it makes me jump out of my chair, swear over and over at the screen and basically wants me to stop playing the game.. I mean I get 4-5 letters and then I say F*ck this and quit I'm so scared. Try it's free and fun and can play on any PC or laptop.

There was a huge rage over this game last month so if you didn't catch it because of work or any other reason defo get it. Play with headphones and in the dark.
Also if you like the first there is like 3-4 new maps out now.
ok so my choice for the scariest game is (drum rolls)............................ Amnesia:The Dark Decent
i believe that amnesia was the fist one who actually started getting ppl and mod developers more interested in the horror games of today (like slenderman , survivor...)
Amnesia for ppl who doesnt allready know that epic game is a game where you need to complete puzzles and run away from monsters basicly
but the big deal with amnesia is that YOU CANT FIGHT BACK
yes this was 1 of the first games that would put you on a very disturbing horror scens with monsters that are terrifying a soundtrack that by hearing it alone you might [email protected]%$t your pants
and what do you get ? a lantern that you need to keep oil in it so you can actually use it ,and some tinderboxes.
what is that? what about weapons you ask? NOOOOOOO WEAPONS!
SLENDER - enspired by amnesia (also no weapons)
so for conclousion I didnt even finished it cuz it was too scary :[
yet its the most intesive scary gameplay i ever had (no cheap jumpscares on this 1 just a fine great styled game that will prbbly give you goosbumps :P)
PS: Barrels!!!
Just like Andy, Slender is my favorite scary game aswell. Even though I didn't play it that much the game left its impact on me. :D The ambient, the fact it's very simple made this game my number 1 horror game.
Ps. The first slender map was a misty forrest...Well...I live near woods and everytime I walk home at late hours I get kind of paranoied and start to look everywhere hoping slender isn't stalking me. XD
Diaboli wrote:
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
this game freaks me out. i remember this parts very well. or when they sneak up on your from behind when you turn around ;D ... OX4#t=160s
Haha, you guys should try the newer maps..even better and scarier!. Btw guys I still cant get my PC back from the DC's so I will buy a new one this week.
Going to see a guy tomorrow who can do me a custom build for £250. Assures me it will be playing newest games on medium settings some high with NO lag!.
So when I see the parts tomorrow I'll be happy finally, get back to gaming for real!. Only sometimes though. Weekend Warrior now hehe. :)
Nice, Andy. Do you know what specs your going to get yet?
There is a Source engine mod based on Slenderman, but it's a four player Co-op, I may have to look into this one more. It's called "Faceless"

Also, I don't know how many of you have the original Half-life, but there is a mod called "Afraid of Monsters". I've been told the single-player is pretty good. But it also has a Sven Co-Op mode, and according to this video walkthrough...It can have one player be the antagonist, and that player has the ability to control some aspects of the map. My brother showed it to me last year and I thought it was pretty interesting. The video has two friends playing co-op together. then a third player logs on to play as "David Leatherhoff" who is the antagonist here, but ironically is the player character in SP. Anyway, the person with david is shown throwing all sorts of things in people's way, he can change your location, split you up. Basically his job is to improve the co-op's horror experience and scare the hell out of you. I gotta say I found it interesting to have someone be an Admin-like player putting random scares out.

Here's the walkthrough.... ... plpp_video

Also there's two versions one is called the Director's cut.

I've never played Dead space, but I found the youtube walkthroughs pretty spooky.

I;ve heard some people talk about Fatal Frame too, but I don't know much about it.

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