Wake up call

Here is one (I believe) excellent documentary which friend of mine shared on facebook.
http://vimeo.com/34969410 the main language is English but unfortunately there are Serbian/Croatian subtitles. :\ Perhaps there is "clean" version without titles.

Anyway, I've seen only 20min of this video and it already makes me go super saiyan and blast all those scumbags into oblivion (watch and you'll see who and why).
It's 2 hours long so get some food and drink. :)

Feel free to discuss about it, I am curious what you think. :)

I found better version on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yT1GavDtiwM
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
I could only watch some of it. But the part I seen so far is nothing new to me, for the past 30 years these issues have been on the lips of many people,
if it's not "Central Banks" loaning money to private banks therefor loaning to citizens and increasing the debt overall owned by the government "People" it's the EU "European Union" loaning from a second country with more than 40% interest rates almost 9 points interest added. This means either by being given $100,000,000 from the central bank or the EU to give to the people, the people in return need to pay back almost tripple the amount over 3 years increasing the debt % each year by a staggering huge $ 2,billion. The show is about America but the situation within the U.K. "United Kingdom" is the same.

This is why my country "Scotland" wants to be free from the EU and the U.K. We want our independence back so re cannot be run by an English government that can control our money, our banks or our laws. I'm happy to say that we have been given the right to vote for this in 2014. Polls show that more than 70% of Scottish people wish to have our freedom just like it was before the English invaded our lands, raped our woman, stole our homes and destroyed our culture. Fuck the English!.When we have freedom in 2014 they will need to pay back to the Scottish people over £300, Billion in the first 10 years. This is how much they stole from us over the past years and they still have a lot more to give back. Our Army's will be ours again and not in control of a fake queen who is not British but German!.

Anyway back to the point. No matter how much debt the people of this earth get in to, no government, no bankers will ever take over the world governments, the people mat owe money but they will never release the right to freedom, it's not in the nature of a human to sign their life away for something as petty as a debt letter. This world would turn to WW3 before this could happen. 7 Billion people on this planet and only 300 men stand before us. Even with all their money they would not have the means to destroy our will, take our homes and leave us with nothing without making the laws bend or break, if they can bend only to a certain point after this the population will overthrow their government and say Enough!. At this point the Government has two options.

Leave the house of politics and re-form a new government and keep their money from the world domminator's and accomplished nothing. Or re-form a new government with the same politics and change their leadership witch means the new governments would need to have further elections, meaning the people would win. Debts would be clear, world bankers would be forced to clear banking debts, citizen debts to a limit and everyone would be back to normal.
If they keep going like this I see another war coming before the end of my days. The people can only take so much punishment from the likes of power greedy bankers before they take in hand their rifle. We have seen people like this before many times in history, Adolf Hittler is just one of the more famous names you will all know, he was also being given money from many of the world's leading financial lords to complete his goals. The people stopped him, and many people like him for the same reason, Freedom! and Will.!. So one will allow this to happen.

If it ever comes to it where the American Government tried to in-slave it's people for the sake of debt, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Greece, Canada. All these governments would have no choice but to fight either with politics, or with men and guns to protect the freedom of the people and the nation. Money will be the down fall of all man kind one day, money will be the doom of all of us in the end. We fight for money and power in this Era rather than fighting for what we should be fighting for. A brighter, safer, fairer world. Also when my country re-gains it's independence the Royal family will need to find new guards to protect them. The queens private military group to protect Buckingham Palace and the Royal family is called "Scots Guards".
The Elite infantry military Unit of Scotland. Shows how good English troops are huh?.. their own queen feels safer with Scottish Troops protecting her rather than any of many of her own military units..

"War in the U.K."
In 2014 if we vote for independence and fails.. by 2015 the Scottish and English border crossing will most likely be closed, we will have many armed groups attacking one another, the war that William Wallace started many years ago will resume until the English government is either destroyed or has given into our demands for freedom. So either way the English PM "Prime Minister" again has 2 choices, release us, give our land and money back, or have a fight on his hands that will last many years. Also, we have the backing of the French, Spanish, Australians, Austria, Canada and some others. If war happened here Scotland has more Allies than the English, all of thee country's would be happy to help us and get some pay back to the English for the wrong they did to other country's also.
We a fun time when and if this day ever comes. My home Town would probably become a war zone. I know some of you are thinking, nah this will never happen. But trust me, the Scottish don't have many patience when it comes to politics and men in suits telling us no. Alex Samond Scottish PM would be happy to re-call all Scottish Military Units back to Scotland if the day comes?. Why would this be said?.

The English have no war docks to build military ships, their ship yards are based in Scotland that are actually ours that again, they stole to use. They have no real air bases due to most military air craft being done in Scotland. We have 1000's war ships and English has almost none due to the fact they always use our boats for their wars. Lazy to make their own. If war comes England have almost no means of defense of their City's, another huge down fall for the English is that the S.A.S would also work for the Scottish government since the S.A.S "Special Air Service" was original Unit, and are trained and based within our Scottish Highlands and dedicated to the Scottish Laws as well as the Scottish King "If we ever have one again". We also control the 60 Nuclear Submarines based out of our country hosted for the English. Crewed by Scottish Navel men. They would lose their Subs. This is why the English are trying everything in their power to stop this vote in 2014, if we win, they lose everything. Also the Gas and Oil supply would stop since we own the Oil rigs.
They would need to pay millions every year for it from us or pay for it from China or America. This alone is worth a war as we all know.
We attacked Iraq for the same reason, so making war at home for the same reason is not to hard to think is true. Money will kill us all.
Sorry if I went off topic a little bit guys. :)
@Andy: TL;DR

I don't want to start a discussion about the video, because from my experience it would be a long and senseless talk. But I recommend everyone to treat such videos with great care: try to get background infromation and compare different sources (actually one should treat all sources of information with great care, but the day has only 24 hours...). Think about: who would win something if he makes believe you this or that.

E.g. it took me about 15 minutes to gain some more details about central banks. And this convinced me that the first arguments(around 10:00; about a central bank, creating money and debts for the state and people) only works if you either look at isolated loans or at a private central bank. And afaik all central banks are governmental institutions and therefore part of the state.
The arguments the video gives sound very reasonable and simple, but infact they are too simple in a complex economical system. And they ignore the fact that the US Central Bank is not private.
Pretty much are. There run by private citizens of the U.S. and are not regulated by the government. So to me this is Private.

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