SWAT 4 in game list not working

I'm sure MarkMod servers will figure something out. If not then we have no choice but to abandon our 3 servers for now since we wont pay for servers we cant use.
Other games seems like the only logical choice here to me. Or Keep personal servers available from somewhere else. I can do some work on finding a dedicated server system if you guys like. It cant be much more than the cost of 3 servers anyway I don't think.
See what you can find. lets us know
I read that GameSpy sold that master server 2 months ago and it worked until now. So new owner kept it online and running for 2 months after the sale. Maybe a temporary blackout? Maybe stopping the server for another reasons? New company is concentrated on mobile phones. Maybe they want the server for their different purposes.

We can just hope that Markmods figure out some good way how to continue.
Markmods is really close to make a master server (just needs to crack the MD5 auth code that the master server asks), although, he will wait a week or so to see if it's a temporary blackout. If it doesn't come online again, he will work on a modified swat client. SWAT wont die that easily :D
Hi guys, I've already sent an email to Hunter (mainly because his email address was in his sig), but I'm posting here as well.

I'm the developer of GameRanger.

SWAT 4 / TSS does not have to die. People are still playing it online via GameRanger.

This situation has happened with a lot of other games where GameSpy or EA have killed off the servers without warning (EA usually gives some advance notice at least). Some other major examples recently were GRID, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and the Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth series. Those games are thriving now.

It is not certain that the official servers are permanently gone, but being down for several days is not a good sign, and based on history it should probably be treated as such.

Thanks for the info Scott. There is one thing though that I wonder/worry about whether GameRanger (or anything similar) is capable of solving: atracting new public players to our server(s). The ingame serverlist was kinda an important feature for that. Our current PRO server is still functional, allowing known players to join using direct IP or Xfire. But players who haven't played there before and/or don't know the IP (or the existence at all) won't be able to find it.
Scott Kevill wrote:
Hi guys, I've already sent an email to Hunter (mainly because his email address was in his sig), but I'm posting here as well.

I've received your email successfully. Thanks for info mate.

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