SWAT 4 in game list not working

hmm 1 month ago there were the crashing problem and now this ? hehe i know that this game will be ignored by 50 % of the players who are playing it soon enough .
captain wrote:
Gamespy Tech is a different group from the normal Gamespy. I just got an e-mail response from Gamespy's Editor in Chief explaining to me that I was looking for help from the wrong gamespy.

If you ask me "GameSpy Arcade" is still part of the wrong gamespy (company IGN) and therefore not part of our problem.

Idk who is the server hoster of UTF, but I doubt that they can run a new master server.
Everything good must come to the end one day to let start something much better. It came as a bolt from the sky, without any warning before. No one of us could avoid it, no one of us can change this reality. All great times we had are away now. All things, everything, everything we made is away... just one thing stays. WE! Even though our playing has ended this day, even though nothing will be like before, we are still here, we know each other and we keep on breathing for our brothers.

I'm really proud of whole SWAT 4 Community. We all had great times and it gave much to our real lives. A lot of experiences, laugh or sad moments... I'll never forget those great times... and I think.. no one of us will. I would like to thank to every member of ETS clan. You guys were my family, i spent with you big part of my life. Also my thank come to other clans who were growing up with us, it was nice to keep on playing together. Without each other we would never be anything.

I feel everything is ending now. It's hard to admit it. And also... there comes few of my tears again :( .
I don't feel like leaving you guys, I hope you neither. Everything we have to do now is.. find a new sense of our existence. While we have managed to become best clan, why not to manage it once again somewhere else!

Keep up guys.

Your friend

Code high, commit sober.
I agree, with Hunter. Our clan will survive. Our family will survive. We just have to find a new purpose for it. We all like gaming together, we are all friends, that will never change. Let's all take some time to think about the future and how we want to go forward.

Also Swat can still be played LAN. And some people are talking about putting servers IPs on a website.
I suggest a team meeting this weekend (saturday or sunday) where we would discuss about all that has happened recently and what to do in future.
I recommend we use TS3, will be easiest and fastest. Every member should participate, the more the better.
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
I will be there, just tell me when!!!
Guys... what about this thing? {WRS}cpt_Olsen sent me today. Let's reach it!

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/763/596/ ... swat-live/

Code high, commit sober.
First.. It is possible to keep a dedicated server for all 3 swat servers. Of course this will need to be done either by private server hosting or personal server hosting.. eitherway it's still very much possible to keep playing swat 4 as we did for many years. Only one thing would change, new players. Since hardly no new players are going to play online anymore since they think servers to be dead we wont bring many new faces. But if we keep our servers available and showing on the internet server list within swat, you never know. We may become the most used server ever in the history of swat since we will probably be the only 3 servers on the list if anyone tried to view internet servers. It is possible I've seen it done with many old games. Gamespy is not the only master server in the world. There is many.

Second is |ETS| moving games. If we decide to move to a new game the game must be on par with SWAT and bring as much fun. Games like Ghost Recon are no good. These types of games are more WAR games and not tactical and not easy to complete tactics with a team. Battlefield 2 and 3 are the same. The tactical side of BF games is fun, but only within private servers with a professional team!. Since these types of games are so dynamic to the view it's almost impossible to lead a team as we could in SWAT, this is what makes the gaming side un-fun and boring for leaders such as my self. Games like GR and BF are fun for a time, but we always revert back to SWAT. Now that we cant do this we need to find a game that will serve as our main game. This is no easy task!.

Graphics. A lot of people in this clan/Unit do not have great PC's or laptops to play games with such 3D graphics, and with a lot I mean 70% of the people.
So the games we choose will need to be of the same year give or take 2-3 years since graphics didn't change much from 2004-2006. Legal issues. A lot of other games do not have Server Engine Cracks, Key-Gens, or even show online servers without having a real CD key. So the game we choose must be legal or again most of our members will not beable to join us. Another matter is new games new or older when provided by server providers such as Ukgames, Markmods. Will not allow pirate cracks, modded maps, weapons, custom maps or even allow you to configure server settings without permission. So the game recommend either must be free, or very cheap to buy. If it's cheap and all members can play whatever game we choose I will buy every member a copy of the game to forever have.
This is my way of saying.. You guys are what make gaming fun for me and I would like it to stay this way!.

I'm wiling to kick start our new move to whatever game we choose by asking to be first to provide funds to allow us to move into our new server, whatever it maybe. I've only been at |ETS| for less than one year, but here is where my gaming home is, here is where I'm staying, here is where I will continue to make friends. P.S. I will be able to attend Tomorrow for talks on this matter but Sat I may not be available. So tomorrow night or day would be 100% better.

If I cant make it Sat then whatever decisions my friends come to I'm sure I would agree with it.. |ETS| does not end here. The fall of SWAT does not mean the end of an era..

Rise to new heights! Or deserve broken knees!. Andy.....Out!
Great Post Andy!! Yes ETS will live to fight another day, like you said this is our gaming home. And here is where we will stay. I know I will persist.

In addition to our clan meeting this weekend, we should also coordinate with the other clans on this matter (although i'm sure that's already being done).
Here are details for the meeting: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=50
"You might think you know everything there is to know about me.. But really, you're not even close."

"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
Calm down and let's wait. For all of your information, the Master Server of SWAT 4 is not turned off. Just open your cmd and try "ping ut2003master1.epicgames.com" (took the ip from markmods, so it's trusted)
No need to abandon the ship yet guys. Let's give things some time to see if and what solution(s) might arise. I'm sure there are more games around that had the same thing happen to them. Some might have been lost by it, but I'm sure that there are also others that found a way to sustain the game and it's community. And I have faith in the SWAT community that a solution will be found in this case.
Good posts, and I too have faith. Interesting find Mike. Any updates from markmods?
Seems he was able to make servers work by directip with no crashes.
That is a bad news :cry:

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