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Hi guys, I know this is off-topic here since its a game forum. But since we are all men here,
well most of us are anyway I imagine. I thought I could ask this question here and post my stuff here, I need
some help with my car set up since I know not another soul who drives accept my dad but he knows nothing
about cars just like me, I mean I had to even check the manual and the tag on my car just to see what kind
of car I had Hah. So with that in mind I took the car to the garage said to the man I wanted this thing maxed
out to maximum performance for track days and Rally cross races. He said okay and gave me 49 options to choose from.

After looking at the car, he gave me a list of modifications he could make within a month that would boost the car performance.
I would also like some advice on getting my official race licences. Maybe how exactly how to go about getting them, is it just straight to
the driving school and pass the test?, need your own car to do the test or is it provided for you?. What does the test consist off?.
What type of licence do I need?, I think it's class A and B, but I'm not 100% sure. I can't find any decent websites to explain it all very clearly.
How much does it cost and do I need to re-new the licence every year or so.. where do I go to do the tests, only school I know off so far is
Alfa Romeo school but I'm not sure if their classes pass you for the entire world instead of just the UK.. I would like my licences to be international.

My question is. As I know nothing about cars, I just love to drive them is all. if it brakes down I call
the mechanic. I need to know from the guys here if the list of mods he gave me were in-fact perfect and okay
for this car and if any of them are not needed and just adding them to rip me off for more money. But if they
are all okay and will do something even if little, that is fine I will keep it. If not let me know so I can send
him the list back with whatever is not needed scratched off so I can save some money. I have around £20,000 to
spend on the mods so saving could help. By the way I also have a small Ford Focus that I will be adding the
same mods to if the guy says they are compatible with the Ford. The Honda will be for Track and Rally.
The Ford will be for Hatchback weekends and Rally cross. Thanks for help guys, really need it.

I forgot to say, that he also offered to change up the engine in the car to something more powerful, but I'm really un-sure about that option since I don't know
how much of an impact that will have on the car either in an negative or positive way, yes it may have a higher top speed, but it could change how the car
handles and feels to me along with not gelling 100% with the rest of the mods, if the engine is too fast for the car I've seen on race days the car just handles
like a truck around corners and wobbles badly on straights at top speed and people spinning out. I may not know much about car mechanics but I sure know
how to drive them well, and I can always tell when something is off with my car, I've won more than a few races already so I know how I like the car to feel.
So I wouldn't like my car to change too much feel wise. Although I know most of these mods will change the car massively, I guess I'll have to get used to it.

Here is the list (if all are good, I will get all of them added to my two cars)
If some are wrong, please say why they are wrong, or will not be compatible. Then give me a similar
option that will work with the other mods and do a similar job as the mod that would not work. So I
can ask the guy to add that mod instead if he says I cannot choose the wrong one also. Thanks.

Honda Civic Type R - i-Vetch model 198 BHP Standard, 215-225 BHP after mods.

"Stage" Means Type. Example: Stage 1 would be Standard brakes, Stage 2 would be Track day brakes, Stage 3 would be professional braking system.

1) FRP (Fast Road Pack) - Performance Pack.

2) Stage 3 Brakes, Slightly older AP custom braking system
3) Stage 2 Pistons. (Stronger)
4) Lowered Compression Ratio.
5) Stage 2 Rods. (Lighter & Stronger)
6) Polished Port Head.
7) Stage 2 Valves. (Bigger)
8) Stage 2 Camshaft.
9) Stage 3 Throttle Body (Bigger)
10) Aluminum Valve Springs & Retainers.
11) Adjustable Timing Gear.
12) Custom Gear Ratio. (Maximum revs)
13) Intake Manifold
14) 4-2-1 Header.
15) Stage 3 Exhaust System. (Extreme Light Rally Cross)
16) TURBO & Dyno Tune. Set for maximum performance.
17) Stage 3 Shifter. (Gear Changer, with Gear pedals on wheel)
18) Stiffer Shifter Bushings.
19) Stage 3 Flywheel (Lighter)
20) Stage 2 Slip Differential.
21) Re-adjusted custom 4 wheel auto re-inflating tire system>
(adjust tire pressure for off road rally cross)

22) 2.0 Turbocharger.
23) Excess weight removed for maximum top speed.
24) Compliant Rally Body Pack & Extreme Split Down force Spoiler.
25) Michelin Pilot Extreme Sports Tires. 22"inch & (Nakonia Race Tires)
26) Under-belly special covering (Exhaust protection)
27) Custom Rally tire pressure, fuel load and engine displays. (Chunky Dashboard clocks & Speed-O-meter rally style)
28)Custom warning dials over head (Replaces overhead mirror)
29) Ford Mk2 Professional Rally Halogen Driving Lamps, 6 Spot Lights. (Plastic coverings not heavy glass)
30) Extreme low weight light guard for spot lights. (Flying stones cannot cut the plastic)

(Optional) Sponsor Stick on sections (for race day) (saves thinning paint sticking sponsor stickers randomly all over the car)
31) Stage 3 Bucket Seats (Extreme Light)
32) Stage 3 Steering Wheel & High Grip covering. (Extreme grip & Light)
33) Stage 3 Chrome Pedals (Light)
34) Extreme light weight side mirrors.
35) Back Window removed. Replaced with a very light thin Aluminum sheet.
36) Back Seats removed.
37) Super Light, super strong Rally window wipers.
38) Custom Roll Cage, Covered with Felt.
39) Safely tools (fire extinguisher, Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter).
40) Airbags removed, electric front side windows removed. Replaced with plastic.
41) Slightly improved Aerodynamics, Temporary Rubber Seals for door gaps on race days. (removed after)
42) Air conditioning removed, covered by Aluminum plates.
43) Stage 2 Fuel Tank. (Extreme light weight Titanium, slightly bigger tank)
44) All Interior flooring & wall coverings removed, left bare and polished.
45) All wiring stripped out to bare minimum.
46) Custom push to start button, (Old ignition removed)
47) Lowered car by 2.5 inches for better down force.
48) Very Strong Slip differential. (Better race grip & control)
49) Range Rover Hand Brake installed. (Stronger braking power & faster stopping times)

Events to enter, Rally, Rally cross, Endurance Tier, General Track Day's, Stock Car, Hatchback Championship.
MSA Race License Class B. (Enter only Armature race weekends)
Alfa Romeo Race School License Class A. (Enter most Amature/Amature,Semi-Pro Events)
Wulfsport Proban Professional Race Suit. (Fire Proof & Extra padding)
Wulfsport LIBRE X fiberglass crash helmet.
Sparco K-Mid SL-3 Racing Shoes. (Fire Proof)
Co-driver for Rally events. (Or I get lost)

I've been learning Map knowledge, learn how to read a rally map or get lost or crash when you hit a tree or fence.
Simulator, I have been using a Simulator system to drive in rally sessions to practice my reaction
times, tutor my self in acceleration and braking times. Learning how to drift and slide on dirt.
I've taken part in several rally cross lessons (as a passenger to learn). Anything else I need to learn for these type of events
please let me know, I think I got it all down so far, missed anything would be nice to be alerted now before I take my licence tests.

So this is it, I think I have the car, I think I learned enough, can't learn anymore until I actually
get into the car and race for real. So if you all think this is the right car and if there is nothing
else I need after the modifications are installed, it's time to race. Thanks for all feedback I always like to make sure
I have the correct or a decent set up, I don't want to go to track day with the wrong set up and get last.
It looks to me you are just trying to show off. :D Well, I don't think someone can help you with what you need, as it has not that much in common with normal driving we are (all) used to. (Some members aren't even driving yet.. :D)
Anyway, nice car.. and probably good hobby to spend your time with. I am just in love with Shelby GT500.. :-) so maybe you should just take this one - even without all the mods. :P

Good luck

Code high, commit sober.
What kind of racing do you wish to do? Diffrent motorsports have diffrent rules on whats allowed and not, so its very hard to do anything, without having a clue of what you're actually trying to do. But for pretty much all motorsports, a rollcage is required to enter, so thats a good start.

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