Hi guys, been a long time since I used this forum, but since the beginning of the New Year 14 a lot of gaming forums/blogs have closed down. My self and my friends use invitation forums to find friends to play games with like ARMA 2 or Killing Floor. Since the forums closed we lost most of our friends, it works like Steam, post a thread, people add you to friends and then you meet up for games without communications (No TS3) we can't find these people again.

Anyway the point of this post is just to find out if anyone here is still playing games like Killing Floor (1055) or Arma 2 or Garry's Mod 13/10 or whatever games you play with friends in coop LAN or online. We used the invite forums to find Playstation Network friends to add also, I have over 130 games for PS3 so if anyone has PS3 and wants to play online I'm sure I will have atleast 1 or 2 games that you play. My ID is THUNDERSONIC1988.

I was never really sure if you guys were SWAT 4 only but I guess you can play any game with regular buddy's right?. I've been out of competitive gaming for over 1 year and looking to get back into it but not TS3 or Skype, I've learned to play online/Lan with just typing. The biggest issue I have right now is trying to learn how to play Battlefield 3. I don't understand just running around and every man is killing everyone all out free for all. I'm looking for someone to team up with in the game squads just like they do in Arma or Americas Army 2/3. I don't care about tactics or anything like this these days I just like some basic team work. :think:

I used to play with lots of people from here so I hope I can find some old friends to just have some fun with in some fun games via Tunngle or such. I would start to play SWAT 4 again but I don't like it anymore, 5 years was enough.. :) Thanks for reading guys, if you wanna play message me on Xfire or via this website or leave a reply. I welcome all game types RPG, FPS, RTS, Sports games (Football) and even MMO Games.
I have a PS3 and i play all kinds of games except the battlefield series CoD ( Call of Duty ) because i got boredof playing these games :D . Add me if you want . It's Giorgos5345 ;) .

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