A new game for us, maybe? (Intruder)

Game name ---- Intruder.

Hello comrades and gentelmen !
Today i'm here to notify you about very interesting game, that i have stumbled upon.
It's a tactical shooter alike Swat, rainbow six and so on and on. It's still very early intro the development, but prommesing non the less.
I wouldn't be posting it here, if it hadn't had any spark of a good tactcal shooter.

So here are few links, because i don't really know what also i can add here:

wiki -- http://superbossgames.com/wiki/index.php?title=Intruder
developer page ---- http://superbossgames.com/blog/Intruder
and a video -----http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BluDDa6JiZ4

Let the discussion begin ;)
It seems a game from 15 years ago but its physics and potential are awesome. It seems veeeery funny!
Hope it will be launched soon! :D
"Who Dares Wins"
This game is awesome . This could be our next game in future since a lot of members doesn't play swat anymore , this new game would be our favourite one ... you never know ;) .
Yet no special feelings about this game from my side. Not that I wouldn't give it a try, but I don't find it interesting atm. It's in developing, so it could be good in the end. But the graphics.. omg.. :D

Code high, commit sober.
The biggest issue about this game is that there are 2 playable teams in multiplayer that are opposed to each other. Games using this concept usually come down to the old Counter-Strike or Battlefield dilemma: They might be strategic, but not tactical. Imo true tactical gameplay simulating reality will have to use highly advanced AI that behaves just like enemies/suspects in real life.
Probably has less bugs then takedown.
Battlefield 2/3 can be tactical. It all depends on who you play with. If you play with 5 players who just run around shooting at moving enemy that's not fun. But if you play like you would if you were playing swat 4 then it works. Just on a much much bigger scale. I've had many great tactical team work games in BF2 in the past.

If you can do it in ARMA then you can do it in BF. You need a team leader, 1 medic, 1 sniper, 1 pilot/driver, and 1 gunner/support. Add these people together and make them move in a tactical formation using code words like they do in the real military you can have great success and fun.. It takes a lot of practice but worth it in the end. Captain can tell you we played in Desert Combat Mod BF 1942 in a huge open world warfare map destroyed the enemy team using tanks and aircraft by calling in air strikes and armour support for the ground troops just like in real life. Wait for orders, follow them leads to some epic team work that you will not find in any swat or rainbow six game. Just need to teach your team when to move when to wait how to move as unit instead of a run free for all.

Guys check out some YouTube Videos of Arma 2 "Tactical Teamplay" and be amazed at what some training and good team mates can get you.
They can do it in Arma 2 the biggest open warfare world in any game ever made then you 100% do it in a much smaller game like BF 2 or 3.

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