Custom Maps - Download with Installer [v5.0 Exclusive]

I think some of these maps can also be removed:
a-hawk-final.s4m -> Extremely hard, almost uncompletable
SP-Al-Kala-TSS-revA.s4m and SP-Al-Kala-TSS.s4m -> No comment needed...
SP-DELTA-CENTER.s4m -> Nice map but tends to crash the server pretty much
SP-ArabVillageDay-TSS.s4m and DesertOpsVillage.s4m -> This is SWAT 4 and not Battlefield!
SP-Bunker.s4m -> Malfunctioning ladders, very seldomly voted
SP-Newfort24-TSS.s4m and SP-Newfort27EXP.s4m -> Basically just run and gun
SP-DOCJT.s4m -> Chaos
Removing older (test) versions if a newer version of the respecitve map is available and removing the non-TSS version of maps that come with both versions would also lead to more overview over the maplist.

Besides that, I suggest to incooperate the ETS maps into the custom map pack as the one's I've seen were pretty well-made but they are almost never voted for as only a few ppl have them (There's another map pack with it's maps prefixed MOD- but I don't remember it's name).
Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
Don't remove Desert ops etc. If you don't like it don't vote it.
Same goes with troll maps such as Newfort.
However I'm all for removing maps that bug or tend to crash the server.
for the record I had to install v5 manually because the installer does not work on Windows XP because the Visual C++ distribution attached is too recent. Not a big deal just saying.
Here's one new map release for COOP: School Day RMX

Difficulty level is pretty high. It is available as a separate download until it is integrated into the map packs.
Bandiiit. Mitä perk.

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