How are you guys?

Hello guys it's been a while since I last entered the site. The last couple of years have been really busy for me. I got promoted at work and I have a lot of responsibilities and a lot of work. Meanwhile I bought a new apartment and renovated it all alone wit my father. And on top of that my GF got pregnant and a couple of months ago I became a father. So this is my life lately. Very busy but I still check servers from time to time and hopefully we can catch up for some games. Anyway I would like if you guys say something about how are things going with you because ETS community is still a part of my life :)
Hey there, I'm pretty busy this year. I decided to join a laboratory and kept preparing for it. I hope to catch u up in game for some round too. :D :D :D
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Heyyy its0,it's really nice to hear from you again after all this time !
I was very happy when I knew about your new baby,last time I heard from you you said that you are planning to move in with your girlfriend into the new house you renovated with your father,and now you're saying you are a father haha, God bless you and your family brother.
I hope I can catch you some time soon on Discord so we can talk a little bit ;)

Take a good care man !
Hey guys

CongratZ its0 ...

Well im very busy this year u cant tell you how exactly but. Veryyyyyyyyy... :D

well ..really i missed Swat4 games on ETS..
Was good moments .
Anyways i hope can catch you all in some games ...

Good luck

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Hey its0!

Congratulations with the kid! I hope the best for you and your family :D
Anyway, nice to hear you. I remember meeting you after my clan application but then you walked away for some time from Clan. And the life is just going on. On my side I actually started my studies on Maritime University. Also, I'm waiting for my ATC application to be processed.
I really miss the games and more importantly, the people I played with :( It was a great break from all stuff going in life, to just sit and play with bunch of a nice guys. There were ups and downs but all together it was just... fun I think.

So guys, keep up! Let's wait for Ready or Not. Maybe this will be Clan ressurection :lol: I hope so.
Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...
Hey its0, it's been like years when I last heard from you, time sure flies :lol: . It's great to know you are doing well my friend and congratulations on becoming a father :D.

Also hello to everyone, I'm glad to know you guys are doing okay as well ;). I guess we are all getting more and more busy in these lives of ours. The older we get the more responsibilities we have. Recently, I have a lot on my hands as well and there's a lot of stuff going on but it's okay I guess.

The perspective of organizing a COOP session with all of you is very tempting, I miss those days when we had spontaneously joined the server and shortly after people gathered there to play. I'm checking the website from time to time and I still keep SWAT 4 on my HDD, just in case ;).

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