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Current ballance: € 226,17 (last edited on 24/08/2017)
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It's nice to see that our clan is still doing great these days and that we still have many dedicated members who are creating that friendly and tactical atmosphere on the server and forum we all enjoy so much. But besides realizing just that, it's also important to realize that all the things we have here aren't coming free. Of course, there is no fee for being an ETS member (and there never will be), but all the things we have here do cost money. Here's an overview of our current (monthly) expenses:

Teamspeak 3 Server (20 slots) .............. € 3,10* ... Expires 27/12/2017
Website hosting ..................................... € 7,50** ... Expires 15/01/2019
SWAT 4 COOP Server (12 slots) .......... € 8,15*** ... Expires 23/04/2018
Total cost every month .......................... € 18,75

* Teamspeak 3 provider is payed in British pounds, so the displayed amount is based on the current euro/GBP rate
** website provider is payed in US dollars, so the displayed amount is based on the current euro/dollar rate
*** based on the monthly price when extending the server by 6 months (includes 10% off)

All the costs up 'till the expiring dates have been paid. But to keep being able to make use of all these facilities we need your help. If you're able to support us by making even a small donation, then you're helping us in keeping ETS alive or maybe even expand it in the future.

One thing that we should think about is whether we want to stick with this (pretty expensive) website or if we should go back to a free provider. Right now it's costing us almost the same as hosting a SWAT 4 server.

Anyway, I'll keeping doing my part and make regular payments myself. But should you have the ability do help along, even for just a small bit, then please do so by making a donation. Just click on the donate button on the main page and the rest will explain itself. Thanks in advance for your support!
And to start out (before I even created this topic) I would like to give a big thanks to Muppet who donated 25 euros which helped getting our new Teamspeak 3 server! Thanks mate!
Personally I would go back to a free provider. I know maybe you cant have access to some things with a free website, but..
what can you really do with a paid website that you cant do with a free website? Not a lot of difference in my opinion.

The only thing I see from a paid site is that we can see you in Google search, or yahoo search when we type your
But since no one needs to search for your website from a search engine and all use direct address, this is a useless feature.
Save the 8 bucks per month and put towards the server and teamspeak 3. Also this will help cut down your donation goals.
Take the stress from your shoulders a little bit at least. also I think you can cut down your teamspeak 3 server to 15 slots
and save another £1 or so.. You hardly every have more than 10 people on the server at anyone time. Even on a busy day
with lots of playing, you only have a 10 slot game server, you don't really need more than 15 TS3 server?..

Anyway, I know I'm not in ETS anymore, but I will donate £30 for you guys once your due date it up. Have my word.
See you guys soon.
I'm in for $50 of your strange dollars.
I can confirm that we've received your really generous donation Saltie! I think the 50 Euros you just donated is the largest donation that we have ever received here at ETS. Thank you very much for your support!
Nice. Thank you very much guys. ;-)

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I want to donate some $ pls contact me someone in pm. I just dont know how i can do this(
House_MD wrote:
I want to donate some $ pls contact me someone in pm. I just dont know how i can do this(

Nice! If you want to donate, click the donate button at "Portal page", or simply follow this link. You can send a donation to our PayPal account using by your own PayPal account (can register one at, or you can use your credit card (or bank account) to send a donation. Just follow the instruction on the link I gave you above and everything should go alright. Also, we might be running SMS donation soon.

If you are still having a troubles with donate, just say. I think Struis or Sokol will tell you how to fix all the issues that might occur.

Thank you for coming donation

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paypal wote me that my country is not found and service paypal don't trust my card and country....... omg paypal mb jokes
Where exactly are you from House? PayPal is a solid service for donations, but it's not (fully) available in every country.

I'm currently still looking into the possibility of using SMS donations. I hope to give some clarity about whether it will be an option for making donations or not in the near future.
Our PRO server expire date is on the 17th of february, which is upcoming sunday. I'm planning to extend it for another 6 months this saturday, which will cost us 43,99 euro, using our current funds/balance.

Please contact me through Xfire or PM asap if you have any objections or suggestions concerning this or any other way of spending our funds.
Server has been extended by 6 months. Expire date and ballance have been adjusted.

I'd also like to thank Hunter for donating another euro to the clan.

I've changed some info in the first post of this topic, so I'm posing here a little update on what happened/changed.

To start out I have to give a big thanks to Jolty first (which I should have done already some time ago) for donating 15 euros to our clan. Thank you very much for you continuing support Jolty!

The second thing is that the expire date of our website has been extended untill 16/12/2013 (happened kinda automaticly since it was on autorenewal :D ). We didn't have a real discussion yet anyway about whether we should switch back to a free provider or not so this will give us some more time to think about that. I won't use our current clan balance for this so consider this a donation from my side. Something positive about this though is that the montly costs of the website is not 7,25 euro (like stated earlier) but 'just' 5,50. This is because I overlooked the fact that the price and payments were in dollars instead of euros.

The third thing I'd like to adress is the expire date of our SWAT server. This had been extended to 31/08/2013 because we 2 free weeks from Marksmod as a compensation for the serverdate crash/loss some time ago. This means we have 1 month left untill it expires. Right now we have enough funds left to extend it by (almost) 3 months, which I will do somewhere close before the expire date. However, if we get some more donations, we can expend it by 6 months instead which will reduce the price per month.

So the last thing I'd like to say is that any donations, no matter how small, are always very welcome and needed. Eventhough our current financial situation isn't that bad, I would rather prefer it to keep it that way.... ;)

I'm very happy to tell you guys that we've already received 2 donations.

A big thanks goes to Muppet who has donated another 25 euros. Thank you very much for yet another donation from your side Muppet!

We also received a donation of 25 euros from an old member. He just registered on our website again under the name of m4rkus, but most of us will remember him as dCm. Thank you very much old friend. It's pretty amazing to see someone who's not even a member here anymore to support us like that. Thanks again!
Great! I love to hear this good news, thank you guys. <3

I've also donated a little now (€ 5).

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