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Mosquito unban request




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Mosquito unban request

Name: Mosquito
Offences: Teamkill of rogue element in team.
Why we should remove your ban:
Already answered Xyzzy about that right some time after incident.

Explaining to all others:
...I was lead, a lot of new (not enough or no played with them before) 4 me guys that i needed to lead, they .. u know how new guys behave on new not played before leader.., all was nervous, I ordered to tactically wedge the door, team did that, alpha (1) team was stacking near other door, i was with team beta (2) near that wedged door 4 not get shot from alphas door, then that Anus guy or Anas how is he/her nick is, without my order, placed c2 on that wedged door where i was with team 2, and blew it.. not talking that this door was life matter wedged and i needed it to be wedged there, that guy put me and beta and alpha team in danger by blowing it when we were near it, not waiting 4 that...

At that time I was already on edge from other servers crawling with noobs, pepper ball toys users, fools, chaos players so on, in hope 4 tactic and pro game i came to ETS tactical PRO!!! server, i didn't came on some noob server, or training server so on, I ve came on PRO server, so i expected players there are pro or at least advanced or normal, not noobs or fools. I understood, that he was new, or so on, but again - it was PRO server, it is written in server name and in rules, 2ndly - i really wasnt in mood to teach some1 what to do and play in kindergarden, wasnt in mood to calladmin 4 help, spend a lot of time on case examination, rat on him so on..Actually i do not like to rat on some1 like other players like to do, i like to solve problems by myself. As i said i was on nerv edge.., and i told him not to blow door, but he did it anyway, i needed that damn door to be intact and wedged, and team was on fire line from that door because of that his rogue c2 so on, so after all of that I got totally pissed off and shot him.
That it.

Ok, lessons learned, not to do teamkills in future.
Plz unban.

Thanks in advance.

Good days.
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Post Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:23 am

Re: Mosquito unban request

Not to interfere in anything here, but new players will come around nonetheless. It's not that the server restricts from noobies playing on the server, we all started from the bottom. Most new players are even very willing to learn, but will mess up sometimes, that's the learning curve that comes along with it. Patience is a big factor in this case, team killing is never the answer. I've played with you before and you've always behaved appropriately, sometimes a lil' bit criticizing but nothing that would offend anyone. If new players cause unwanted trouble or refuse to follow your lead, just simply contact an admin. Players such as Xyzzy are really active when it comes to monitoring the server, so see it as solution #1 from now on! :D

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Post Sat Jan 21, 2017 3:25 am

Re: Mosquito unban request

I've actually seen you in the game many times and even if there were some concerns (remember the "q" spam? It was really bothering all players in the server but I'm glad you've managed to fix those issues), you were following server rules without any problems.

Fireline has covered all important information concerning new players in the server. Recently, those guys are really catching up fast. But still there are also players who are unable to speak English and Anas (that's his nickname) was one of them. We have this amazing feature -> type /calladmin in chat if there's a player who's breaking server rules and help is on the way. That's it, delivering judgement by yourself may lead to situations like this one.

Also, even if it's called Tactical Gaming Pro, we are not responsible for the skill level of those players who are not ETS members but I assure you that many players here are veterans.

As for your ban, I think it was necessary for you to realize your wrongdoing. Whether you'll get your ban lifted of not is not up to me to decide though. Whatever happens now, be ready to face consequences of your actions.



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Post Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:19 am

Re: Mosquito unban request

First of all, I don't mind unbanning anyone, usually, and it is your case as well. I also sense some regrets from your side and you have taken your time to properly explain what happened. However, no matter what server you play in, team-killing anyone always puts you below the level of others.

I have set an expiration date of your ban to 2017-1-24 11:13. Your ban will then be automatically removed.

I do not need to say more, guys above said what was needed. I am leaving this thread open until the expiration date (i.e. in case it does not get removed itself, write it here).

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