Ban appeal

Name: Michalsky
IP: 178.235.*.*
Offences: Teamkilling
Why we should remove your ban: It's christmas time :D

But seriously... It's more than 4 months since I'm banned on ETS server...
I played on other servers without any problems. Well... I know that, no matter what could be written by me on this appeal, the chance to convince you is almost impossible because of my history...
So why I'm here now? I don't know, maybe I just feel christmas atmosphere and I want to believe that anything is possible...

Merry Christmas!
I know that I'm in no position to decide on his ban, but I think Michalsky deserves a chance at redemption. While teamkilling is unforgivable, I believe 4 months was enough for him to reflect on his actions. Let's give him another chance and may he learn from his past mistakes. Merry Christmas to everyone.
Well on this issue,

Michalsky has done this mutiple times and on accounts of being stupid as well, Aladeen 4 months to me is not good enough and I think he should find somewhere else as these issues of Michalsky has been debatable. I for one suggest Michalsky will need more time to think.

I miss you, Michalsky ;(
I hate my own nickname...
I belive michalsky has attitude problems and has not shown any progress in shaping up. He has been given multiple chances and keeps up the same bad behaviour time after time. I belive he should remain banned for another couple of months.
If i were a dog and you were a flower, i'd lift up my leg and give you a shower
I know he behaved like a totally kid few times, but I always liked to play with Michalsky. If there are normal players (who speak english and want to play tacitcally) his behavior is perfect.
I think 4 months is enough punishment and would like to observe him on ETS server ;)
Nice to see you again bro
I have no say being long time absent but fwiw I remember Michalsky as a good reliable teammate being professional. Of course TK is stupid and ruins the game but I don't see him doing it unless players are being ramboish or amateurish.
Since I had the honor to ban you, I will handle this appeal myself:


You will not be unbanned for the following reasons:
1. You have received a permanent ban not just for a single offence, but for multiple offences even after several previous bans.
2. We already gave you another chance after your last appeal, which even took you several attempts to succeed. To quote you from your previous appeal yet again: "If I'll perform any rule breaking behaviour in the future, you have now clear way to give me permanent BAN and I understand that.". Since you broke our rules again even after that statement, I just had to give you exactly what you asked for.
3. Of course we can always accept an appeal even when a player has received a permanent ban. To do so, however, we would have to be convinced that the player has actually changed and has learned his/her lesson. When I read your appeal I don't see any sign of you reflecting on your past behaviour...

Now since it is still Christmas and by the looks of it there is no major grudge against you, I'm willing to open the door just a little bit for you...

So therefor my decision is as followed:
1. Your permanent ban will not be removed
2. You are allowed to make a new appeal 6 months after the day you've been banned (meaning you can make a new appeal no sooner then januari 31)
3. Any new appeal must contain some serious reflection on your past behaviour and must make clear why situations that got you banned in the past won't happen again.

< Appeal rejected >

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