Hello everyone!

I would like to let you know that there's a new way in banning procedure. We have decided to allow witnesses to be considered as a full evidence.

We will use witness as full evidence sufficient for ban in case that:
1) Offences of reported player are enough for ban (rambo, teamkilling, civ killing, insulting, vote abuse etc).
2) Witnesses are credible and thrustworthy players.
3) There are at least 2 credible witnesses (sometimes we can stick with one witness only).

Every misuse is strictly prohibited and will result in punishment.
Although of this new rule try to not forget evidence in all cases!

Hopefully this new way will help us to stick our server clear from bad guys.

Note: To report player make a new thread in Player complaints and fill out the template there. Template is showed automatically.

Thank you for reading.

Code high, commit sober.