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Name of player: |||SAS|||Nolan
IP Address: unknown
Offences: Intentional Teamkilling
Date: 09.01.2018, 16:45 GMT
server logs (im sure you will also find evidence for |||SAS|||kull777 acting against the rules)

Witnesses: CPTtonhao, lologolko
Information: There were 2 |||SAS||| on the server. I assume they are the same guys like last time... Round started and Nolan immediately started teamkilling everyone (except his buddy). Then proceeding the round, killing everything in sight.
I left after this round, since the others did not know how to (kick)vote nor speak english apparently.
"Um...Just one more thing..."
You are probably right about it being the same guys columbo, their set of Ip adresses changes completely so it might be near impossible to get a ban out on them if that is the case, either way i did add a new ban on Nolan for now.

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