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Name of player: Mosquito
IP Address:
Offences: teamkilling on purpose
Date: 19.01.2017
Evidence: screenshot, eyewitness testimony
Witnesses: |ETS|Cpl_Kazik, Wilson, Stranger, |S3G|Special3lite, Anas, DONBARREDORA
Information: From what I've been informed, Mosquito was a leader while Anas was not following orders and started ramboing. From what I've heard when Anas started planting C2 without an order, he has been then teamkilled by Mosquito who disconnected right after that. I've informed all witnesses that they can share what happened exactly.
Everything has been written by you already so I have nothing more to add in here, I can just confirm that this happened. I've also spoken to the players to write a reply to this report.
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I was in the server at the time but sadly I cannot confirm everything that is said above, however I do believe ALL of it to be true.
I hadn't seen the exact shooting with my own eyes. I do hope others that had witnessed it come forward and make a reply here.
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It should be noted that I tried to have a talk with Mosquito yesterday about the teamkilling incident. He said he was "pissed off" and that's why he killed Anas. He wasn't really interested in explaining himself further. Objectively speaking, I don't think he regrets his actions. I don't have screenshots of this conversation but I believe it can be found in server's chatlog, it was around evening hours GMT+1.

PS. About Special3lite teamkill of Mosquito which can be seen in the attached screenshot, he was warned not to do this again.

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