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Name of player: Xdomix
IP Address:
Offences: Team killing everyone near spawn area for no reason.
Date: 28th of November
Evidence: http://imgur.com/a/0DVF6
Witnesses: ResidentEvil6, Revolution, Loco, Firesquare, TaskForce, Jovke
Information: He shot us all in the back and went rambo, died shortly after and left the server.
If you see the woman with the shotgun, kill him! ~ |ETS|TaskForce141
yes i saw that

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I don't know what's wrong with people like this..
His IP is:
It's a cruel world... :(
If you see the woman with the shotgun, kill him! ~ |ETS|TaskForce141
YES .. I can confirm that ..

he must banned

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I think this song is suited for this
Banned thread closed
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