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Name of player: dippers
IP Address: Unknown
Offences: Team tasering, Ready before EQ/Leader, Votekick abuse, General disrespect
Date: 9/20/2016 8:07 (Video date, started slightly earlier)
Evidence: Video
Witnesses: SkinnyVinny1861
Information: He and a friend came on while I was solo. I had asked if they knew the rules (to get to know their experience on the server) and both of them readied without Leader or EQ. I had confronted them on this and was immediately met with a vote kick. I proceeded to start up my recording software (And to crash repeatedly) and rejoin the server. SkinnyVinny had joined at this point. They continued to ready up and dippers (not his friend) had impeded tactical organization to attempt and start the game early (including another votekick). Past this dippers tasered his friend. SkinnyVinny had proceeded to kill dippers and dippers (angry at SkinnyVinny's actions) continued general insults. I did attempt to try to work with his friend but they both dropped server. His friend did nothing too major, he kept silent, didn't teamkill, and otherwise was nothing but inexperienced in the rules.

Yes I know I suck with words.
I have issued a month ban for him, although to point out I don't feel positive about you guys killing him regardless of his actions. Each time someone does that it makes it harder to decide who's the one to blame in the whole situation (cuz otherwise it could've gone diffiriently). In any case this is pretty obvious for me that we had one more rambo on our hands so ban will be applied to him, however if situation like this happens again, I want you guys to hold yourself and not take unnecessary actions like teamkilling and etc (I know that you are thinking at this point that "wtf man, how f**king else should we play on a server you retard?" well the answer is just keep calling admins or leave a server for a while, take a break, fill a report on our website, watch some cat videos on a youtube :3 the problem will get solved eventually either by "the issue" disconnecting, or by admin taking action).


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