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I suggest remove Northside Vending and add other map. I noctied thats most players don't like it. I think A-Bomb is better.
I prefer Northside Vending because its more linear. Easy to lead and no need to worry where sus will come from :dance:
Ironic. This is one of my favorite maps. A-Bomb is nice too.
off-topic: I don't know why A-bomb and Auto garage aren't in the list but I've re-added them.

Now, is there any particular reason why the map should be removed? I personally think it's quite nice, like lolsofti said, it's mostly linear and easy to lead.
The only two maps that are not in the list are Fairfax Residence and Foodwall Restaurant because of their small size and easy difficulty. It's been like that for ages and don't think it will change.
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I have to admit I do like Northside Vending despite it being quite easy map (mostly because it's linear).
I'm quite curious what makes you hate this specific map.
The only reason I can think of is it's low difficulty but I'd say Drug Lab stands on the same level and most of people like this one.
As long as vanilla are considered (and I'm sure custom maps won't be added to the server map list) the ones excluded are:
- Foodwall Restaurant
- Fairfax Residence
- Qwik Fuel Convenience Store
- Funtime Amusements

All four of them can be soloed easily, thus I think it's not a good idea to add them anyway :snooty:
Well, i just don't like this one too only due blue/red spawn but i said what i heard from players, i didn't asked them for their reasons.
Popularity of each map is merely depending on personal opinion of an individual, therefore removing a map due to its unfavorability from minorities might lead us to the empty server list. That still doesn't make us refuting your opinion about the map quality. ;)

I myself don't like (even hate) the Department of Agriculture map, yet I am not about to remove it. I think that variety of maps is very important fact contributing to the enjoyment of the game. Having said this, I think that inclusion of Qwik Fuel Convenience Store and Funtime Amusements to the server list would not be such a mistake. I really like both of the maps, especially the Qwik Fuel Convenience Store. Missing the scream of Alice Jenkins makes me feel very sad. Hence here is my hopefully hopeful call for including the Qwik Fuel Convenience Store map back to the server list. :D

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Honestly i though you wanna keep same amount of maps. So if one will be removed then another will be added. Qwik Fuel Conenience is fine, i like this one too but i guess for 2 teams will be too easy.
I fully agree with Hunter. I think each map offers its own challenge and some old maps bring back memories of when some of us first started playing swat in singleplayer :)
About this "personal opinion" and differences in them:
Hunter wrote:
I myself don't like (even hate) the Department of Agriculture map

I personally really like this one, it's even one of my favourites.

By the way, feel free to add Qwik Fuel, it's a matter of ~5 mins to complete it anyway :D
xyzzy wrote:
By the way, feel free to add Qwik Fuel, it's a matter of ~5 mins to complete it anyway :D

I support this. Map rotation should be determined by map quality, not size.
I don't see a reason for removing a map from the maplist simply because some players don't like it. In that case they can always vote for another map when the one they don't like comes to the rotation :)
I understand and agree with you to a point here demonspeed. I usualy like to skip north side vending as much as possible since its too small of a map to play with a lot of players. but i also agree with the others here that removing the map is not ideal, I'm also eager to see quickfuel map on the list once again :dance:
Quickfuel is added as i seen last time.
Quick update info: Qwik Fuel is now present in the map list. We gave it a try and it wasn't half bad, although it was quite easy to be honest.

Still I think difficulty doesn't matter. I've played those "really hard map" with 40/50+ suspects while testing customs for CMD and I didn't like them one bit.
I join the server to have fun rounds in professional tactical atmoshpere and that's what matters to me.
Despite those maps being easy, they are still fun if they are done properly.

Maybe one day we will see Funtime Amusements in the map list. It has quite similar feeling to Qwik Fuel and can be harder at times.
Also it has independent spawns unlike Qwik Fuel + this wooden platform and open space in the "main room" provides some clearer AO where one team can provide tactical aidd from above, same as in Red Library.

If there are special circumstances when it comes to Funtime Amusements absence or it's generally hated for some reason, fill me in please.

Also if you guys don't like any map, let me know, set time limit to 5-8 min and I will lead it for you 8-)

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