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hi i tried to join ets server but i doesnt let me cuz i dont have custom maps despite server was empty, can u set that when server is empty its with a not custom map
Here you can download the custom maps: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=209
Hello andreat84 and welcome to the ETS forums!

Sometimes it does happen that the empty server is set to a custom map after people left it that way. If this prevents you from playing feel free to use the shoutbox on our website to call for an admin who can reset the map remotely via webadmin interface, or, for the future I guess it'd be easiest to follow its0's link and download said custom maps. They're fun! :)

Unfortunately I do not know of a mechanism that will reset the map to a vanilla one once the server is empty but I'm sure Hunter knows more about that. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Indeed, there is a way server can be switched back to vanilla maps in the case that custom maps are loaded but are not being played. This is pretty much what was my admin-bot doing. I had to switch it off, because the server it was hosted at has just stopped providing me the service. I haven't got the taste to find out any other solution just yet, but who knows what holiday brings. :-)

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