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Hey there,
here are some new maps i fixed over the last weeks. Some of them are new, meaning i've never seen a properly working multiplayer-coop version of them. Other maps are already part of the recent ETS package, but have been reworked.
First of all, i want to say that im not the author of these maps. I fixed major errors and revised the AI placement when neccessary. Making the maps actually playable.

I consider this a test run, since some maps (esp. Police Station) might not load on ETS server, crash during the round, causing timeouts etc...
Or there are just design flaws that should be improved.
So, your invited to check these maps, report bugs/problems and make suggestions for further improvements.


-AitA- Airplane
-AitA- Pickton Farm
Operation Blackhawk
Brent Reloaded
Fairfax Flats
GrowOps v2
K.I.A. Corp.
The Hive
Night Club
Nakasaki Plaza (working)
Police Station 2013 (smaller file)
Poseidon (clear water)

You have to install the maps manually. Don't worry, this isn't too hard.
Simply extract the archive contents (3 directories) to your "SWAT4\ContentExpansion" directory (NOT in maps folder!).
This is, because some of the maps came with new textures/models.

All maps start with the tag -MOD- in their names. If you have map sorting enabled it should be easy to find them.


Oh, i know dropbox is not the fastest hoster, but it shouldn't take you more then 3 minutes to download the package.

See you on the Server ;)
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The following maps were uploaded to both the PRO and Normal server and therefore they are ready for testing.

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cool, new maps... downloading
I couldn't connect this afternoon after installing this pack, when I saw you and Bobby testing it :(
Can you load the maps via "open" command in console? Or do you see them in the maplist when hosting a game?

Several people downloaded the package and joined -MOD- maps without any problems. So i assume the error is on your side breach0r.

Check again, that the files are in the correct spot (Swat4\ContentExpansion\)
Maybe a corrupted file? Try redownloading it.

"Um...Just one more thing..."
I reinstalled and only had a few overwrites so must have done something wrong the first time
The maps have been tested in multiplayer mode; as expected some errors could be revealed.
I've got reports of performance problems and Police Station is not loading unfortunately. But all maps are working so far.
Here's a little summary.

-AitA- Airplane --> new spawn working; 1 ladder is difficult to climb
-AitA- Pickton Farm --> working; rework interior spawns; bad performance reported (due to rain effect?)

Operation Blackhawk --> working; needs more enemies
Brent Reloaded --> players get trapped in swimming pool; bad performance reported
Fairfax Flats --> working
GrowOps v2 --> working; needs more enemies; bad performance reported
K.I.A. Corp. --> working; needs more enemies; rework some AI spawns
The Hive --> working

Night Club --> needs red spawn, will be placed in backyard
Nakasaki Plaza --> working; players get trapped in elevator; needs more enemies
Police Station 2013 --> still not loading; further reducing of object count
Poseidon (with clear water) --> working

You still have the possibility to suggest ideas for improvements that i can implement.

"Um...Just one more thing..."
Can you fix the fall damage on Nakasaki? Maybe add just a bit of water if it has the same logic as some other FPS games. Or add a simple metal slab elevator like in Underworld. Or a ladder. Or heck, even breakable glass down the hole that you have to shoot out, so the fall isn't as long.
C2 on Poseidon can blow you up if you are anywhere near door and suspects in red spawn have their guns fall through the walkable part, so you can't pick them up.
Nice work. A couple of notes though:

- Airplane was fixed earlier here
- Some maps are missing dependencies, e.g. grass texture in Grow Op. You can see these by doing a clean install of Swat4 and then opening the maps using the editor in that install.
- Since you are altering the levels, using the RMX naming convention might be more suitable here, e.g. add RMX to the title and the filename. "-MOD-" suggests they would require some other mod.
One of the stairways in The Club is the metallic "get stuck" type. I've managed to get stuck 2 or 3 times by now. A way to avoid that is to crouch every time, but that's a huge hassle.
Many thanks for your input guys. Also incredible work with the mega map pack induktio.
As i wrote in my PM to induktio, i totally agree that the packs should be compatible to make things easier for beginners and for people who are not playing on ETS server only ;)
Link to Mega Map Pack:

induktio wrote:
There's some issues with the map versions in this and Mega Map Pack v1.2, so I'd like to point out these:

SP-Construction is some modified version of NSB's original map. Dunno what the changes are actually. MMP has the original.
SP-TheManor is version 1.01. Latest release is 1.1. Not sure why SP-TheManor2.s4m is included, since the info says it's some testing version?
SP-Blackwater is version 1.0. Latest release is 1.1. Mega Map Pack has the 1.1 versions.
SP-DayBreak depends on a particular version of PHTX.utx that has to be 12.7MB to work properly. The 11.1MB version breaks it. SP-CriminalMayhem also uses this file but it will work fine with both versions. SP-Equinox-fix.s4m is not needed then.

So Hunter, my suggestion is to take the Map versions from Mega Map Pack, like induktio said.

I included the files induktion named, in my rar file.

WARNING: if you overwrite these files in your map folder you cant join a regular round with ETS pack maps! Make backups!

Furthermore i included some *.int files that go in system folder. These will rename the RMX maps (without altering the map file), so you can find them under -RMX- tag in the voting list - makes life easier. Please test if these files are working for youre language version. If not, try to rename them using youre language specific extension (e.g. german --> *.grm)
@Hunter: if the *.int extension doesnt work for all languages, you maybe have an idea to solve this via script on the mpa pack installation?

Map Changes:
all maps have -ETS- tag now

-AitA- Airplane --> fixes obsolete; web version found: v1.1 (thanks to induktio)
-AitA- Pickton Farm --> working; some new spawns; reduced amount of rain emmitters for better performance
Operation Blackhawk --> more enemies
Brent Reloaded --> climb out of swimming pool; small fixes; still has lag issues though
Fairfax Flats --> working
GrowOps v2 --> working; more enemies; performance?
K.I.A. Corp. --> working; more enemies; new AI spawns; you can "climb" over broken wall now
The Hive --> working
Night Club --> working; red spawn added (in backyard); stairs fixed (hopefully)
Nakasaki Plaza --> mission objectives added; spawns working; elevator fixed; secret entrance reworked ;) + more enemies
Police Station 2013 --> fixes obsolete (reducing object count); new server mod supports original version
Poseidon (with clear water) --> working; small fixes

MMP maps:
Airplane Assault (v1.1)
Black Water (v1.1)
Construction-v2 (same as ETS version?)
Construction (original by NSB)
Operation DayBreak (same as ETS version?)
The Entrepot (new)
The Manor (v1.1)


edit: noticed The Entrepot is only Single Player (you wont be able to spawn on server) - will add multiplayer-coop spawn and update package tomorrow
"Um...Just one more thing..."
Columbo wrote:
@Hunter: if the *.int extension doesnt work for all languages, you maybe have an idea to solve this via script on the mpa pack installation?

I will be able to fix that. Is is going to be just a single int file or more?

I will catch you via PM later so we can decided on final version of new map-pack.

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The link has been updated.

"The Entrepot" is listed under -ETS- maps now.

@Hunter: you can upload the files on the normal server or make a extra test session one day, i leave that up to your fate.

Looking forward to some nice testing rounds 8-)

"Um...Just one more thing..."
@Columbo, maps were uploaded. Some of them were re-written, they even had different size. I am not sure that was really purpose, but its there now.
Session can begin anytime.

Code high, commit sober.

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