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Hunter wrote:
@Columbo, maps were uploaded. Some of them were re-written, they even had different size. I am not sure that was really purpose, but its there now.
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So basically the files SP-Construction SP-TheManor SP-Blackwater are different versions in ETS and MMP currently, and also the files SP-DayBreak SP-CriminalMayhem have different texture files.

Previously I didn't remember to mention MMP also has a fixed version of Fairfax Flats. The filename is SP-FairfaxFlats.s4m (without the underscore _). That version has working ambient sounds etc. You're free to copy it too.
Here are 2 additional maps, ready for testing.

Thanks to ZaniixMonster for suggesting these.

Original map sources:
- Day In The Life
- Dark Scarlet (HSME Reloaded version)


"Um...Just one more thing..."
Uploaded straight up.

Code high, commit sober.
Come on people :)

If there is no feedback the maps will go into the pack as they are now.
And who knows when the next pack is coming to correct any issues...

Especially need feedback about:
- difficulty (too easy/hard or balanced) ?
- bugs (AI getting stuck, wallhacking) ?
- design issues (AI always spawns in same place, boring maps) ?
- performance (how maps run on your system; good/bad) ?
- cool ideas that could be implemented

"Um...Just one more thing..."
Greetings! Many thanks for sharing your knowledge on custom maps testing. I found this information very useful. The post itself is quite clear!

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