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Hello guys,
most of you probably know that I have been locking the server for map-testing purposes and finally, after 7 hours of work, we finished what have started. We have been testing all custom maps and we were looking for those that could not be loaded on the server, could cause the server crash or wouldn't be finished (playable) or have not objectives and/or RED spawn. We have found a total of 72 not-properly working maps.

Red highlighted maps will no longer be supported on our server and will not be provided in new version of map-pack. It could be that they are duplicates or not playable.
Orange highlighted maps will be re-tested to make sure that the issue is not our server or map-file related. If we don't manage to find working version, they will be handled as red-highlighted.
Yellow highlighted maps are going to be fixed by Columbo. Objectives are going to be 100% fixed, not sure about red spawns.
Non-highlighted maps are considered to be playable, but will not be fixed. We don't want people getting other map version just because the red spawn is not available.
Note: If someone wants to help fixing above mentioned maps or have map-file that is working, I would be more than grateful to either provide you map files you want or get working version from you!

These are issues that we found:
    SP-Desert_Dust - server crash
    SP-RealFort - server crash
    SP-Renovate - no objectives, not finished map
    SP-ArabVillageStorm - can't load on the server
    SP-Bordertown - server crash
    SP-BusStationxpansion-TSS - no RED spawn
    SP-EncoreMail-TSS - server crash
    SP-PicktonFarm - no objectives, not finished map
    SP-2940_Enemy_Territory-tss - no RED spawn
    SP-Getts - no RED spawn
    ResidentalBuilding - server crash
    DSDB-ResidentalBuilding-v1 - no objectives
    SP-Apartment525 - no objectives - working TSS version available = removing this one
    SP-CityHall-TSS - no RED spawn
    SP-CityHall - no objectives - working TSS version available = removing this one
    SP-BrentReloaded-TSS - possible server crash because of lag
    SP-CabinFever - can't load on the server
    SP-Bank - no objectives - working TSS version available = removing this one
    SP-Bank-TSS - no RED spawn
    SP-ClubATL - no objectives - working TSS version available = removing this one
    SP-CombatZone-TSS - possible server crash for unknown reason
    SP-DEAD_END - no objectives - working TSS version available = removing this one
    SP-DELTA-CENTER - no RED spawn
    DSDB-OneDollor-v1 - no objectives
    SP-UsedCarLot - no objectives
    SP-FAYAsREFUGEES-v2 - no RED spawn
    SP-Genovese&Feinbloom - no RED spawn
    SP-Haunted - not enough space in the map to move properly, lag, cramped
    SP-JohnsonResidence - no objectives, no RED spawn
    SP-Get'em - no objectives, no RED spawn (the same map as above mentioned 'SP-JohnsonResidence')
    SP-KEOWAREHOUSE - no RED spawn
    SP-L&L_Hospital - no RED spawn
    SP-Madmap - no objectives, no RED spawn - working TSS version (no RED spawn) available = removing this one
    SP-Nakasaki - no objectives, no spawn at all
    SP-Newfort24 - no objectives - working TSS version available = removing this one
    SP-Nova-Corp - no RED spawn
    SP-Amityville_Horror - no RED spawn
    SP-OfficeSpacev2 - no objectives
    SP-Apollo - no objectives, no RED spawn
    SP-Apollo_COOP - no objecives, no RED spawn (the same as 'SP-Apollo')
    SP-Equinox - no objectives
    SP-Prison - no objectives, no RED spawn -working TSS version (no RED spawn) available = removing this one
    SP-PoliceStationtwt - server crash (IceMan said it was working on AST server)
    SP-Pont_Aeri - server crash
    SP-PrecinctHQ - no objectives, no RED spawn
    DSDB-ProbationOffice-v1 - no objectives, no spawn at all
    RedOps - no objectives, no RED spawn
    SP-ResidentialOps - no RED spawn
    SP-KeoFactory - no RED spawn
    SP-Poseidon - no objectives, no RED spawn
    SP-TRANSPORT - no RED spawn
    SSFNightRescue - no objectives, no RED spawn
    SP-Massacre - no objectives, no RED spawn
    SP-StormFront - no objectives, no RED spawn
    SP-Terrorista - no RED spawn
    SP-Hotel_TGZ - no objectives, no RED spawn - working TSS version (no RED spawn) available = removing this one
    SP-TheAsylum-TSS - no RED spawn
    SP-TheBuilding-v1_1 - no RED spawn
    SP-TheManor2 - server crash
    Sp-TheManor - server crash
    SP-Metropol - no objectives - working TSS version available = removing this one
    SP-CreeStreet - no spawn at all
    UnderGroundPoorLot - no objectives
    DSDB-UnderGroundPoorLot-v1 - no objectives (the same as UnderGroundPoorLot)
    SP-Ventura - no RED spawn
    SP-DSK-JohnsonResidence - no objectives, no RED spawn
    SP-dsk-Universität - the same as normal University map, but not working properly
    SP-DSK-CREEPY-HOTE - no RED spawn
    sp-Get'em_off - player crash, can load on the server
    sp-clubstrip - no RED spawn
    SP-USTT_Enemy_Territory2 - no RED spawn

    *ˇNot testet non-TSS variants of EP maps ˇ *
    SP-EPsacrifice - no objectives (no TSS version found)

Once the maps are fixed/re-tested, new version of map-pack will be exclusively available at ETS page. I would like to thank in advance to Columbo for fixing bugged maps! Also, my 'thanks' belongs to volunteers that have taken part, aka Detective, Sorrow, Paul, Jinxed and Enigma.

Red and orange highlighted maps have been removed from the server already (temporarily).

Stay tight for the new map-pack!

Code high, commit sober.
Hey, I tried my best and fixed 17 maps with no objectives (+spawn points). They work in singleplayer and show no spawn-related errors in the map-editor. The Spawns should be tested in an online coop session though.
However, my editing-skills are limited and I came across some maps im unable to fix.

Failed maps:

DSDB-ProbationOffice-v1 - fixed spawn/objectives, but mission fails instantly, dead/incapacitated persons fall through the floor

SP-Apollo_COOP - map crashes (other Apollo version is working)

Minor Fails:

SP-Nakasaki - fixed spawn/objectives, bomb timer not starting (you have unlimited time to disable them)

SP-OfficeSpacev2 - fixed objectives, but there is a room which is invisible if you look through the doorway, it shows up only after you enter it (i guess the rooms are not connected properly)


SP-Massacre (Fairfax Massacre) - TSS version available

Just as a side note: Regarding the renaming of the edited files - i think most maps should rather have a 'TSS' at the end of the name than '-fix', before they are included in the package

@Hunter: I will upload the fixed maps and send you the link via xfire.
When can we test the maps? :)

"Um...Just one more thing..."
Hey Columbo. These are very good news! We can test it on Monday. Captain is also interested in joining us. No worries about the maps you haven't managed to fix. Good job so far.

Meet you on XFire

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If it's gonna be evening I can join ya too.
thanks again to all who participated in testing the fixed maps.
Also, sorry for the inconvenience with locking the server, but i think it was for a good purpose :)

15 of the 17 edited maps seem to work flawlessly. There are 2 maps that did not function properly, though.
Namely SP-Equinox and SP-Nakasaki.
I reworked them again and everything should be properly set now. Even the bomb timer on Nakasaki is working now.
Equinox is crashing randomly on the scoreboard at the end of the mission. Not really sure whats causing this, i can only guess. I removed some suspicious light sources, which were causing an error in the mapeditor.

Hunter, I will upload these new versions and hope we can run a short test soon, to see if its actually working in multiplayer.

"Um...Just one more thing..."
If it's on friday/saturday I will hopefully be able to participate!
If you need some help with the maps contact me since i would like to participate once again ;)
Good job Columbo. I'm making the final pack ready and I'm looking forward to publishing it as soon as I can. However, I still need to check some maps that crashed our server, as I think some of them are supposed to be working. In the case that red spawn and/or objectives aren't working, we should also fix those. And what's more, I found 9 maps that weren't included in my pack, so I will test them out too.
It's still some time in front of us that needs to be spent, but I'm sure the final result will worth it.

New pack will not contain maps that are available in PvP modes only - these will have been available in special pack.

Hope to get this done soon guys!

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Looking forward to see your new pack in action, Hunter! :clap:

Unfortunately some maps are still not working.
In case someone is willing to look into this unsolved issues, i uploaded my recent progress (click on the map-names).

Nakasaki Plaza
- fixed objectives
- working bomb timer
- multiplayer spawncluster not working
I re-set the multiplayer-spawn multiple times, also at different locations. No matter, secondary, primary entry point; you cant spawn... I dont get it.

DSDB - Probation Office
- fixed objectives
- blue/red spawn working
The floor does NOT block ragdoll objects. Everything is just falling through the floor. The mission fails on start, because incapacitated civilians are spawned and just fall through the map and die. No idea why.

Additionally i want to say, i am not the author of any of these maps and i didnt claim so. I just made them playable with Swat4 TSS and added some reasonable fixes. At least I tried.

See you on the server.
"Um...Just one more thing..."
Hey guys excellent job with the maps :)
Keep up the good work Columbo and thank you for fixing the maps
For unknown reason, these maps are not working on our server, after re-uploading them many times.


I though that above mentioned maps didn't work, because they are bigger and therefore they need more time to load - while MarkMods system considers our server to be down while the loading is in the middle. However, even bigger maps like
SP-CARsDEALER.s4m and SP-CriminalMayhem.s4m are being loaded without any problem. I have removed them from the server for now. Any help is appreciated.

I have also removed SP-LenaSinCity.s4m, that is crashing the server from time to time due to some texture and performance issues.

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Pehaps those maps have more objects used as decorations and scenery than CriminalMayhem, for example?
I suspect that editing out some decorations may help.
Above mentioned maps are said to be working on AST server, so I don't think there is any issue with maps themselves.

Code high, commit sober.
That means that our server's capabilities are not sufficient?
Like Hunter said, the reason why these maps don't work is because Markmod (our server provider) autorestarts the server when it seems to be stuck loading a map (= looks offline). AST server is not hosted by Markmod so that's why they do work there. Since the chance is very low that Markmod will change this, the only way to make these map playable on our server is to 'fix' them so they can load up quicker. The filesize of these maps aren't the reason why they take longer to load, it's the resources that are loaded in that do that.

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