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Plz Mirror back, sup sniper rifle, 9mm machine pistol back - Page 2 - ETS-Clan

Plz Mirror back, sup sniper rifle, 9mm machine pistol back

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Long off-topic post

1.2.3 viva L'algerie .
Why quote the whole thing?
GenuineJellyfish wrote:
Mosquito wrote:
Your reason, on my strong opinion, are stupid and not convincing, and are wrong --- "elite ets" I suppose ETS can translate itself as Endangering Teammembers Safeness.... --- u all "elite" would already be dead --- so blindly "ets elitally" --- that "elite" tactic of yours --- most of your "elite" ETS (Endanger Teammember Safeness) guys tactic

Cut that out. That's extremely disrespectful and for you to say that to a community that has been building it's tactics since 2012 is beyond childish and self-centred. Maybe you should try and run a clan for yourself where every member gets their own free optiwand and wedges. Not nice is it?

EDIT: If you cannot debate without insulting others then you may as well just remove the topic, it is not productive and nobody wants to share their opinion if they will be called "stupid" or have their own clan ridiculed on their own clan website.

I agree with Jelly, showing no respect is a no-no. This thread pointless anyway as we just keep riding on the same arguments over and over - Shut this thing down for good. :text-deletetopic:
@Mosquito: If you insist on having an optiwand with you, why don't you simply go and look for other COOP clans with different tactics (e.g. ITS) ?
Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
GenuineJellyfish wrote:

Mosquito wrote:
your not quiet entering will start hostage killing by sus, that is why Russian special forses use integrally supressed guns or special suppressed ammunition, only exclusive to them (AS VAL and it special 9x39mm SP5 and SP6 cartridge, OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver / OTS silent pistol and it special silent 7.62×42mm SP-4 cartridge). West hand special and silent weaponary sucks.

Okay... where to begin. Firstly, if you have been a Cadet, like you have said. You would know that 'silenced' weapons do not exist. No gun is 'silent', only supressed, all guns make noise and will not be silent inside a building with other suspects. Secondly, why would a SWAT team bring supressed weapons to a situation like A-Bomb, where suspects are already killing civilians and bringing a supressed weapon would reduce the velocity of the rounds you fire, making them less effective? Or a map like the Hospital, where a news reporter gave away the whole entry?

At 1st, did I anywhere in that post or even on ets site have written SILENT gun? No. I write SUPPRESSED. "Silent" is in west name of that gun, i just copy-paste 4 you that west names of those weapons from Wikipedia.
2nd, you are writing as person used to west hand weaponry. Russian special weapons and most main their special CARTRIDGE i 've written above are unique, special technology. Cartridge do the most of loud, not gun. West weaponry use same loud cartriges and all variety of guns made to fit those cartridges, that is problem. West cartridges is loud by its nature, they made to be loud. Even best suppressor do not quiet their sound to quiet level, it is really loud even with suppressors, which also, as u mention that, lower range and power of the bullet/buck shot. While in those mention by me russian cartridges as in weapons which uses those cartridges is special construction making them quiet and same time do not lose powernes, vice versa, they are more powerfull then same west unsuppressed cartriges and weapons that use them, 4 example that integrally suppressed AS VAL with it special cartrige has its killing range (penetrating level 4 vests with SP6 round) 400 m vs 300 m from NOT suppressed fking loud m16 carabine with it fking loud as hell 5.56 cartridge, which also is more inhumane, that russian cartridges, and btw m`16 is longer then m4.., and m16 5.56 bullet not always penetrate level 4 vests on that range.. and silent pistols have range 50m vs not suppressed 25-30-40 m of west pistols (the more range of those west pistols bullet flying, the more tiny, powerless and loud is bullet, and gun is longer)..Your west hand weaponary sucks. That russian pistols unique cartridge closing gas entrance after bullet out, see details of that 7.62×42mm SP-4 cartridgee for OTs-38 Stechkin silent revolver / OTS silent pistol and it special silent in internet. They are not using suppressor. No need. In those pistols only sound would be sound from hammer on cartrige, quiet, so no 1 will understand it is firearm shooting, and again sound is very quiet. U just used to west hand loud by its nature weaponry, all and dont even imagine that there can be another special made guns. Dont mess that special unique russian guns with sucked loud west hand weaponry. See details about those guns in inet, better from russian sites, just translate them in automatic google chrome translate menu.

So those suppressed really quiet special weapons are more mighty powerful then your west not suppressed 1s. So while users of those guns have prerogative of quiet approach, they same time have more power with their spec guns then westers with their loud west hand weaponry.
Hellpatrol wrote:

@Mosquito: If you insist on having an optiwand with you, why don't you simply go and look for other COOP clans with different tactics (e.g. ITS) ?

I am usually on MYT, but problem there - there is less lethal sht allowed, and i hate it and i hate to play with players who use it, because of many reasons.

2ndly, there are "teamplay encouraged", thus they do not like strict leadership, which (strict leadership) I adore, cause in reality always is leader, when 1s dies, another take his/her role. Cause chaos is death. And there (on MYT) is mostly chaos rushing with less lethal sht mixed with some lethal, so a lot of unathorised and so on, addition to stupid chaotic rush. Only few players there play tactically and under leadership, and less of them with lethal, and more less who cand properly wield that lethal without doing unathorised kills/incaps.
While unagreed with most ETS players tactics, with some ETS rules (stupid "do not lean" is 1 of them) and removal of life saving usefull tools from the server, I same time appreciate and is thankful for less lethal toys removal from server, for strict leadership on server, and for some good players.

3dly, there are only few COOP servers that are connected to stats saving site, TSS servers even fewer (3 of them if i am not mistaken, and ETS is 1 of them). When ETS was not connected to stats, i wasnt playing on it, because quoting Achilles - "No sense to defeat some1, if no1 see it or will know it or if no need 4 that". Now u connected it.
As hard as I try to get the positive stuff out of your posts, it's really getting tough here @Mosquito. Try toning down the amount of swear words and please remain on topic, we don't need a whole essay on what bullet type the Russian Forces utilize, although I'm impressed you put so much time into writing and researching it. You have not really answered any specific arguments or kind of twisted them into your way. I can assure you that ETS is the best experience if you're looking to play tactical, there used to be few other servers running, but be happy there's still a community like this running around this very day. I myself had a lil' argument on a different post considering realism, I made the same mistake you do now (keep arguing). There's a point where you have to accept that an other person's vision might be different from yours, that does not make it right or wrong.

Coming back on the Suppressed rifles, some people mistake them for being the lazer sounding guns as they're commonly portrayed in games. You'd be surprised by how loud an actual suppressed rifle still can be. As I've mentioned in your ban appeal, you sometimes have a strong disagreement with the play style of certain leaders, but try to limit your 'advise'. Some may find it offensive simply by the way you offer it, you come across as the know-it-all. As much as I would like to agree on some things you say, they're mostly unreadable (not meant in an offensive way) or a repeat of what you've said before. I think it's time for you to accept that the optiwand nor Tec-9 will be allowed back on the server. You can always ask an admin to enable the weapons whenever you feel like taking the lead. But whenever someone else leads, do not stomp them to the ground just because you don't like their approach.

I don't see wedging every single door as a realistic approach as much as having 1 or 2 guys cover your back. You keep mentioning realism, but in reality swat teams won't bust such big areas with only 3 to 5 officers. All officers are trained to react fast and move from door to door. Please do not bring the whole argument about flashbangs into this conversation as well, they're effectively being used even in modern swat operations. Just imagine you're sitting in your couch and suddenly windows break, loud bangs deploy etc, you'd be scared shitless. By the time you know what's going on, that's more than enough time for the team to all get in position and bust your butt.

I'm strongly behind Jellyfish here, he mentioned some really (what should be) eye opening things. I hope we can end this discussion soon enough, because I have a feeling it's headed the wrong direction.

~ Fireline
If you see the woman with the shotgun, kill him! ~ |ETS|TaskForce141
Guys, i ve wriiten all strong reasons why mirror and lethal guns restoring on server would be good. All reasons from all others are just like that "cause i dont like", "I used to", "u are telling your reasons without proper hail, glorifying and exalting us as super elite kings, so we don't hear then your peasant reasons", so on, so personal selfish explanations, when mine is reasonable and I am worrying about my team health, is it easier to say to team - "a, fk u, just bang and clear, and to hell it what would be with u.."? - easier, of course, but i prefer to have more smart tactical approach and more safer 4 my teammembers. Mirror add tactical smartness to game, technological advance, saferness 4 team. Variety of lethal guns adding close adaptation to environment, to player chose and skillfulness with certain gun, fan, so on.

And again -

if some leader do not want/like/so on using mirror and prefer to be blind mole, have his/her/it info about the innerness(insideness) of the room cut by FOV of the officers, prefer endanger his team and civs and mission so on by blindly opening door not having info what is behind it, he can just not take it(mirror) 4 the team, or do not use it while in game, why the hell ban it 4 all other (more smarter, more caring 4 teammembers health and lives and no bad surprise wanting leaders)? ....

And again and again - if some leader do not like and do not want use miror while his game, he/she/it can just not take it 4 the team, what problem? And if some 1 took it no matter that leader said not to, went rogue, so on, u know how to deal with those rogue elements.. So i do not see problem in backing(returning) mirror to the server... U can play anyway u want as a leader, using it or not, it up to leader decision. Why remove it 4 all? ... It(mirror) availableness gives more tactical smartness to game, so on. But if some leader do not want to use it, then he just do not take it 4 the team, no problem... But other leader, who was chose leader, so every1 ok with him leading, would be able play more smart and safe 4 his team by using mirror.
I see no problem with backing(returning) mirror to the server. Server have strong leadership rules on the server, deal good with rogue teammembers who do not follow orders, u have choosing/voting possibility to apply leaders, so what is problem? If u want to choose leader who prefer scan - then choose him as leader, if others players prefer to be safe and sound and play more smarter, then they would choose another leader, who would be using mirror, giving it to the best and the most fast user/wielder of it, so on, no problem see..

ABOUT GUNS, again - if u, 4 example do not like 9mm pistol, and prefer .45 pistol, why ban it (9mm pistol) 4 all other? Other may prefer 9mm over .45, so on, some 1 is good with m4, another suck with it and stuck to MP5.. ...

It is not unrealistic Less Lethal sht, it is all lethal weapons.

Player preference to the gun depends on his/her/it wieldeness/skillfulness with it. Why remove m4 for all, if u don't like it, 4 example?
Yes, i agree, suppressed sniper is slow on fire, so on, but, 4 example, i am good with it, i like it power, and in same time suppressed sound, also range is good, so on, and when case go to more then 1 sus or in close space, i switch then to 9mm machine pistol, that has full fast auto mode, same as single. So that is good combo. Some slow on fire single fire range weapon combine with full auto fast rate of fire close combat 1. Of course, m4 is better then sniper, faster, so on, but again, just for weapons diversity, more fun, more another tactic, more power/less power so on, suppressed sound, even if it is has no deal to game and only for player pleasure, open/close spaces, different other cases and scenario and purposes so on the diversity/variety of guns and exist. With that "i like vanilla icecream, not chocolate, no all other, so i bann all other not vanilla icercreams 4 all" u can ban all except admin weapons preference, 4 example left only mp5 smg and 9mm pistol.., and ban all other, and what it then would be? ...
This is not about that 1 gun is better then another, all guns in swat4 sucks, if be honest, but some 1 just like and prefer and good is with 1 gun, then with other gun, or just want to use some other guns 4 variety, so on. It is all lethal guns, not less lethal sht, so why ban lethal guns? And leader can assign certain gun to player, if needed, or say do not take 1, or at 1st ask with which gun every1 good and then ask them take certain gun. Why ban lethal guns? ...

Fireline wrote:
I'm impressed you put so much time into writing and researching it.

I was in military institution, we learned that. And I myself prefer suppressed quiet weapons, as quietness itself at all. I do not like loud and countr-strike methods, i prefer quiet diversions, diversant way (as it is called in CIS countries, in West it is .. splinter cell style? :-) )

Coming back on the Suppressed rifles, some people mistake them for being the lazer sounding guns as they're commonly portrayed in games. You'd be surprised by how loud an actual suppressed rifle still can be.

Read carefully what i write, plz. Those OTS pistols do not have suppressor. No need, special cartridge that block gases from entry. And in AS VAL all long barrel is long suppressor, and ammunition is made to be quiet. I saw those AS VAL in action by myself. Is ok quiet, the only problem is sound from bolt action, but if install manually over that bolt opening as cover bolt itself with some soft sound eating material, it will quiet down that sound, so weapons will be very quiet.
Of course, those guns do sounds, but comparing by loudness to loud west suppressed hand weaponry, abovemention by me russian guns by loudness are like bow and arrow in compare to loud west hand suppressed guns.

Just imagine you're sitting in your couch and suddenly windows break, loud bangs deploy etc, you'd be scared shitless. By the time you know what's going on, that's more than enough time for the team to all get in position and bust your butt.

And now imagine I am experienced pro gunman/fighter, who is know on what he went, and who is in Duplessis Bank expecting SWAT to appear, and who understand, that or will go out there with money becoming rich man and implementing in life his dreams, or he will be killed or arrested and placed in jail for long long time and his life would be fked up totally.., so i would be ready to fight to death, and i expect u to come to kill my dream. Or imagine that i am fanatic of my ideas in Hotel map, ready to die 4 them and ready 4 you with your bangs.. Or imagine that i am alach akbar religiotic, those guys at all on all head out beaten, and their religion (as christian too) provoke them to kill all unbelievers, and imagine i am total that religiotic alah akbar of it fighting for Jihad in the world 4 u Europeans to die and ready to be burned alive 4 my religion, already have cut heads of Europeans for it, had a lot explosives, grenades, so on and shots bullets flying over me, and is high trained.. Imagined? And now u drop your petard by name flashbang near me, armed, armored, expecting u to come every moment, and u just told me and all my friends by throwing it to me that it is just time to ready our guns to where it came from and be ready to shoot.., and here u appear as target in shooting range for us..
Yes, i agree, i have some harsh in my writings, but same harsh is from you to me before in games and in writing cause I have some kind another view differing from your 1s on tactical approach.

But let not judge me, let please think good on my reasons i laid to u here about goodness of restoring mirror and some/all lethal guns on server. Plz think them properly and not 1 lazy looked, but thoroughly.

Thank you.
Good days to good people.
Mosquito wrote:
Guys, i ve wriiten all strong reasons why mirror and lethal guns restoring on server would be good.

... and so did we and it is the time for this to be resolved.

Thank you for your suggestion. We are still not going to put this through for the following reason:
We do not see the need to re-enable mentioned equipment that is now restricted. It is because your suggestion goes against the play-style and habits of our server. Reasons stated to do otherwise are not sufficient enough for us to make any changes to our play-style and/or habits. However, this still does not create a hinder for you to ask online and in-game administrator(s) to enable desired equipment while you are a leader.

Kind regards,

Code high, commit sober.

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