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I don't know how everyone or anyone here who uses this website feels about Social websites. But it's always a good idea to try it atleast once, every great website I've ever visited more than a few times have always used it. There are many free widgets or such from free developers or official websites like FaceBook/Twitter.

Positive Social Effects:

1) Use Social Media Login to Login to |ETS|.
2) Connect |ETS| users to Social groups (Example: |ETS| FaceBook/Twitter Page).
3) Never forget your password or user name (Use your Social media information).
4) Gain new website traffic through Social Media paths. (Everyone in the world can see |ETS| and read about you)
5) Gain a following, possible thousands of people viewing you (Discovering SWAT 4)
6) Easier event following (Social Media makes it easier to alert thousands of people about a training sessions or Tour)
7) Gain the views from Indi game developers (Show them SWAT 4, maybe some will get interested and make a game)
8) Website Members increase (Millions of gamers around the world see |ETS| they might want to join the website)
9) Clan Members increase (More gamers who see you and the website make possible recruits to the community)
10) It can do nothing but increase the traffic in SWAT 4 servers. Yell swat 4 on FaceBook/Twitter, no doubt a few thousand people will see it and try it.

Negative Social Effects:

1) FaceBook/Twitter connects to |ETS| Website anyone who also connects with Social can see or view your FaceBook/Twitter Profile.
2) Gamers Profile as above can be visible if not turned off. (Some Gamers like to stay private, last names, Date of Births etc)
3) Too much traffic (If a lot of new people came at once it could disrupt the community peace in-game, Noobs Noobs)
4) Some Social tools only allow you to sign in with that tool once installed, make sure to get one that allows general normal Login and Social Login.
5) You can gain a lot negative feedback from Social websites. People being rude or nasty, this would need to be monitored a lot.
6) Following management, gaining a lot of followers is good but not all are needed for various reasons such as other group members spying.
7) In the game community in social websites the competition is hard. You need more than one vice, one game or one attraction to gain views/followers.

Anyway it is a good idea but it all depends on how you implicate this idea or set it up. Of course not all need to use the Social website tools to login in to ETS website but I think a lot would, since it connects everything together really easy much in the same way Google + has implicated it's self in YouTube.
Or Netflix with Facebook. Sharing the website you visit with 50 or 100 people on Facebook/Twitter can only do one thing.. That is get ETS noticed by a lot more people and get ETS some new members from the gaming world. Hell I see a gaming page on Facebook to do with BF3 or AA3 I join it to find out server playing times and when people are actually online. Oh yea and these tools can track the stats of the website, so you don't need to Login to ETS website to see who is online or to see if there are any new forum posts, just login social, check and done. One simple action to gain a million followers.
I also know about Social Login for a longtime, but I haven't found a reason to discuss using it. Even though it might be good for another websites that are looking for new and new visitors, I don't think there would be any use for us. We don't need our website to be filled with unused and useless accounts, I also doubt someone meeting us through social sites would join us on the server. Moreover, creating an account won't take up to 2 minutes.

Code high, commit sober.
I say you heavily underestimate the value of public viewing. If you don't want to expand your membership or try to meet new people who are also interested in games then don't do it. If you want to allow people from around the world to see your website and to find out what ETS is and make friends and allow new faces to help expand your view of gaming and the word clan or community then this is a good idea. Hence why I put it in the "Suggestions" page. :idea:

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