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Dear ETS members,

I have recently got an idea, how it would be great to have a session like this, having all good memories of playing VIP Escort years ago.
Although I like Co-op very much. the fast-paced action of VIP Mode was my second favourite game mode in SWAT 4.
I've talked to several ETS members about it and asked Captain, if it would be possible to host this event, he answered positively.

Therefore, I'm making this thread to ask you, whether you would like to take part in this type of session.
It can be opened to ETS members (and possibly clan friends if we we'll have enough free slots).

Additional rules can be set, like: no less-lethal, grenade launchers and such.
I would also have no problems giving suspect team some time to prepare (something like barricading phase from upcoming R6:Siege, which could incorporate setting c2 on nearby doors as booby traps and wedging doors near evacuation zone, so rushing as VIP wouldn't be possible).

We play on Saturday, September 6th, evening. If someone wants to take part in it but is not fine with stated date, just write it here, we'll see if something can be done in that case (possibly postpone it).


EDIT: Actual squads are:

    SWAT Team
  • Gas21
  • xyzzy93
  • its0

    Suspect Team
  • Captain
  • Sorrow
  • Justicar
  • Jinxed
I'm in!!! :D

I propose we have it next weekend if possible (we'll pick an exact day later) to give people time to sign up.

Maybe we could have the rules like....

1.Suspects are allowed time to set up their ambush, and can place booby traps. And even use limited tac aids. We can decide on other equipment later.

2.Goal of Suspects is to capture, not kill VIP so they can use him as a hostage at which point it becomes a rescue mission.

3. Swat team follows all the same rules as before only now, they have to act as a bodyguard team would. And they can shoot on sight since any lunatic wearing a terrorist style outfit and wielding military equipment would definately be considered a threat in the presence of a VIP. :D

4. The suspects have their own team leader (since an ambush of this kind would require organization in the real-world.) And must obey his orders just like the Swat team.

5. Swat wins if they kill all suspects, or get to extraction point.

6. Suspects win if they kill all Officers and prevent a rescue when the VIP is held hostage.

7. Suspects should not tie up the VIP right away once they catch him but rather, move him to a place where they can better hide and protect him. This however, would probably depend on who is leading the suspects.

Also Maybe we could allow one respawn per person, that way the Swat team has a chance to rescue the VIP if he's caught, we could imagine in our heads that this would be a "different" team than the one just killed, say a backup team. Same thing with suspects, could justify respawned players as suspects that were waiting in case of emergency. However, once that respawn is used over. And respawned players will have to wait until they recieve a call for "backup", and backup calls can only happen if the VIP is being held hostage or if the team has taken too many casualties. what do you guys think?

I'm excited for this!! :D
I will try to setup the server to make it suite your view.

EDIT: I will be away on Saturday. :/

Code high, commit sober.
LOL I'm in if i can :lol:
I'm actually a regular player of a VIP escort server, so it would be really good experience ;)

Good ideas Captain ;).

I'll add some more to take into consideartion:

1) As you've said, no RoE from Co-op mode, you see - you shoot. The only restriction is that VIP cannot be killed by any party involved. If you kill the VIP - your team lose.

2) Let's imagine that one round has three phases:

  • Phase I - Planning

    SWAT team take it's time to plan which entry would they take, make formation and such. They're not allowed to leave spawn point as they're getting ready to move into enemy's territory.

    Suspect team take it's time to barricade and set traps but that can only be done from evacuation zone up to center of the map. Setting booby traps on SWAT officers entry point shouldn't be allowed but I have no problems with one of suspects team member to hide there as a scout and inform fellow teammates about SWAT team entry into the building.

  • Phase II - Action

    This phase is what we all remember from VIP Escort. SWAT team goal is to evacuate VIP safetly to the evacuation zone. Suspects try to turn VIP into hostage. This can be done by killing all of SWAT members and cuffing VIP.

    Once killed, player is not allowed to leave his spawn point during this phase. This only applies to the SWAT team. Suspects can move towards evacuation zone once respawned (some maps even have spawn points next to evacuation zone if I'm not mistaken).
    This difference can be justified that SWAT team compose of proffesionals sent deep into enemy's territory with numerous terrorists there. So any respawned SWAT member must stay on his spawn point and wait for backup team to get ready, as Captain said.

    There can only be two outcomes of this phase: SWAT successfully escorts VIP / neutralize all threat in region (including respawned suspects) which makes no problem escorting VIP to safety or the whole SWAT team is wiped out (apply only to entry team without backup) and VIP is taken hostage (as long as he's not cuffed, he can make it to safety by hiding and stealthy proceeding to the evacuation zone but he must manage on his own).

  • Phase III - Reinforcements

    This phase is optional, it can happen but it's not assured. It starts only if VIP is taken hostage and the whole SWAT entry team has been killed.
    Suspects hide VIP wherever their leader orders and barricade themselves (Player being a VIP should probably switch teamspeak channel to suspects one or lobby at this point so he cannot communicate with his team). Backup team move in and try to free the VIP, they win if they get him into safety or eliminate all threat in this region. Once backup team is dead and VIP is abducted it's all over.

    3) If it's possible, if think it would be a good idea to turn off time limit for this operation.
Very good xyzzy :D

I agree with turning off the time limit of possible.

Maybe we could set this up for next Saturday September 6th? I'm good for anytime or day. If anyone has suggestions please let us know.
I'm 100% in . Count on me :D this is going to be a lot of fun :)
Black clouds and Silver linings
captain wrote:
Maybe we could set this up for next Saturday September 6th?

I'm absolutely fine with that :)

One thing still concerns me: is it actually possible to set one respawn per person or do we have to pretend it is that way? :think:
xyzzy93 wrote:
Dear ETS members,

I have recently got an idea,

I wonder if that's true...:P
Anyhow, of course I'm in I used to play a lot VIP escort and it was fun :D
xyzzy93 wrote:
One thing still concerns me: is it actually possible to set one respawn per person or do we have to pretend it is that way?

I'm not actually sure about this. I will try to check it out before the session starts and then I'm gonna post it here.

Code high, commit sober.
This is exciting :D if I'm free at the chosen date I'll definately participate ;)
Ok, seems like some of you are actually interested in it, so I guess we can start making some teams already :D.

We play on Saturday, September 6th. If someone wants to take part in it but is not fine with stated date, just write it here, we'll see if something can be done in that case (possibly postpone it).

Please write down, which team you would like to be placed in: SWAT Team or Suspect Team :)

We can switch teams during the session should we have enough time.
I volunteer to be the VIP :D
I'm in SWAT team
put me down as a suspect!!

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