Breathing Some Life Into Swat 4...

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I was just thinking that we often find ourselves playing the same maps over and over so much that, while the game is still fun due to randomised factors like suspect placement etc, we often know what's coming and slow down and become less realistic and alive. Surely it'd be more fun and more exciting to have to plan something on a limited amount of time with limited resources knowing that lives are at stake and that you must resolve a situation like a real law enforcer/special forces unit/power ranger squad.

The kind of thing I was thinking about was for us to perhaps design a custom mission, complete with back story and possibly even resources like map sections and brief witness statements that each officer could download as a zip file or something. Using this, the team leaders would devise what they think to be the best plan of action (order of room clearing, equipment etc) and then to go in and deal with the situation, facing unexpected scenarios and adapting to them.

Naturally, it'd be great to have a map that none of us has ever seen before ,or at least, one that players are not that familiar with. One possibility could even be designing/modifying our own custom level but that requires time/effort/expertise and idk if any of us have map design experience.

Anyway, these are just ramblings of a deranged grumpoo but I'd like to hear your thoughts and input nonetheless ;P

EDIT: I can't spell
This is a great idea grump. :D It would definately add alot of challenges to our players.

Also we did something last year where we played barricaded suspects rounds as part of training sessions, but we gave the suspects permission to use their own plans and tactics to stop the swat incursion. Having human opponents who could think up unexpected tricks really challenged everyone, especially the recruits.
AST did such things in the past, and there were even some ETS members participating. It's really fun. But also a lot of effort even if you just use uncommon custom maps, not to speak of creating your own map.
Yeah it's the effort and time required that's the big thing here. I'm a bit busy at the moment with exams but I'd definitely be happy to put some time into testing maps/scenarios and do whatever else I can to help after my exams are done. If anyone had any map editing knowledge I'd have thought that we'd be more likely to edit an existing map than build one from scratch but I still see that this would take time.

Imo, it'd be worth the effort especially if we can make sure to get as many people going as possible by finding a way to match up people's availability to play. I've used spreadsheets in the past to organise team playing days that were hosted on google drive. They tended to work quite well because everyone would simply input the days they are available so that we could organise training on the day that most of us were free. I don't have an example because I just woke up but I'm on my phone but I can show you guys what I mean if you're interested. :)
Nice ideas grumpoo
Still it would be a good idea to have a barricaded suspects training session soon ... would be helpful for the team building in the clan (new members and recruits) :)
Yes of course, could even experiment with both, meaning that we'd have a custom mission with 'live' suspects :)

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