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Hello ETS community

Lately I’ve been noticing that more events or what we call “training sessions” are being hosted.
I’m kind of confused by the label of “training”, because I would not really consider it as training. It has some aspects of it though and we certainly got a lot of fun out of them so far.
All this got me thinking, maybe we should host an event where we practice room clearing and the tactics. Maybe practice the more advanced stuff and try new things to improve?

It may sound less interesting since we all know the tactics well enough by now. But I still notice these small, yet common and sometimes
bad resulting mistakes being made when clearing a room. The formations are a common problem as well, people tend to walk in each other’s line of fire
or run ahead the person in front of him. I would find it very interesting if we could all sit together and discuss how we would clear certain areas, this way we
can maybe learn from each other and/or adapt our vision on things. There’s not only one way that is correct, so I’m curious how some of you would deal with certain
situations. I’m thinking about hallways, T intersections, etc.

I also want to practice playing with bigger teams. Whenever we’re with more than 5 players on the server, we feel encouraged and more comfortable with splitting teams.
Which is unfortunate because when you’re the leader of a 7-8 man team and you see every officer do exactly what you order and everything goes smooth, it almost looks
like art unfolding itself right in front of your eyes. That last bit may have sound a bit weird, but it really is an extraordinary sight to see a big team being lead. The problem
is that everybody just starts to run around crazy, instead of staying in a simple line. People call it too messy to play with big teams, but it all depends how good the teamwork
plays out. This is why I think a training session would not be out of place. Not to drag the whole Habermehl topic back into this, but when we were just going over simple room clearing, I noticed that many players (even ETS members) learned a lot by just going in depth about room clearing.

Let me know what your thoughts are. I’m not expecting this idea to become reality, it was more or less a thought I wanted to share with you guys.
I’m fine with it being kind of a short session, I really think it’s something worth trying out.

PS: I noticed a while ago that there’s download folder which has training maps, I’ve yet had the chance to try these out. Maybe they could be of use?

~ Fireline
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Looks like a good idea to me, especially the point about training with bigger teams. I do indeed often see players forming into 2 teams when the server gets crowded as one big team often has the potential to go bonkers :|

Also, I have been looking at the training maps too during when I was phasing out cusotm maps that are broken/never used/etc. and I found this SOG Training facility map. It resembles a SWAT training facility just as the map we usually use during training sessions however with a load of new rooms, shooting parcours, etc. and I think it may make an interesting map to use for a TS since most of us are by now familiar with the usual TS map.

If you got curious about the map now, search your map folder for MP-SOGtraining.s4m . If it's there, start SWAT, open the console, type "open MP-SOGtraining.s4m" and hit Enter. In case you don't have the maps yet, here's the link:!wpgl2AqB!IYuUd1j2_vdmKB82XtNFMg :text-link:

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I agree with you Fireline. Training, especially with bigger teams is needed. Lack of cooperation with greater teams on big maps is visible. I think the reason of more common splitting teams is also caused by lack of leading skills of members. It's just easier to lead 3 person team than 7 or 8. We should consider teaching correct leading, commands, tactics, etc. - for leaders too. Personally I have problems with leading teams which I try to evade as much as possible :roll:

I think we should train on next session what you stated - correct room clearing (#1 goes to the furthest door, when #2 cover him after entry so #3 should... etc.). I find that very random sometimes - everyone go where they want, especially when they are non-clan members which don't know possibilites of blocking doors and other stuff. Clan members are kinda better in my thought, I think sometimes we do stuff subconsciously ( :mrgreen: ) but we still should somehow discuss that.

I also think that we make training sessions too rarely. When last training session was hosted? I checked in Private events forum page - last one was 27th August 2016 by captain. Almost half a year ago.

More training maps are also good idea.

Regards, SH.
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:text-imwithstupid: Just kidding... or am I?

Agreed with both above. I'll admit, I am getting rusty when it comes to situations like T sectors, some scans and ... *shudders* ... taking pointman. The training sessions we had before where we just performed our tactics were always great, because with the new people we brought in, there was a lot more debate. And this is where we could show why we do what we do. If we would do another, I think 2-3 weeks notice would be great for numbers. Maybe it will bring some of the members who have been lurking in the darkness back out into the light. :D
I can't think of much that our current members or regulars need to improve on. The thing with big teams such as 7-8 man teams. It's not recommended simply due to the problem of keeping all those players busy. It can be done I have done it in the past it works but is 90% of the time much slower and booring to the people in the back lines. You would either need everyone on teamspeak or some complex key bindings. And to much keybinding orders becomes confusing to some players. My point being big teams are less interesting for me at least.
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Thank you for the feedback so far, guys :) . I've yet had the chance to check out that training map, but it sounds very interesting HP, thanks for the info.
@Jolty, I can agree with some things you mentioned in your reply, but not to a full extent. I think quite a few members or regulars could still learn a bit more, especially about movement and situational awareness. I'm not saying that we desperately need a training session, but practicing wouldn't hurt in my opinion.

About the pace of bigger teams, it really all depends on the leader. I've lead big teams numerous times and it's a challenge to keep all your officers busy. But this is a slow paced shooter when played correctly, having to cover and do nothing for a while might sound boring but that doesn't make it meaningless. For instance the role of a 'Rear Guard' is usually considered as the boring role. But people tend to forget the importance of having this person cover the backs of the whole team.

I do agree with the communication issues, this requires everyone to be in Teamspeak. Doing this through in-game keybinds is a no go. However, keeping your whole team busy is not that difficult. You split them up in squads going from Alpha to Bravo to Charlie. You designate each pointman of the squad as the squad leader. This squad leader reports when the squad has done their order and/or when a room is clear and they're ready to continue.

What appeals me about big teams is coordination and listening to orders carefully. Things will get complicated and in this way we challenge the players to concentrate on the orders that are given, to execute these as intended. I totally understand your disinterest though, we all have our own preferred way to play the game.
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I think we don't need to talk about what duties go with each role (pointman, coverman, specialist, etc.) as this is cemented in our brains as the standard working procedure. What could need some training however is -in my opinion- tactical movement, covering and storming rooms. Yesterday I played a few rounds with a 3-man team (including myself).
On one occassion we had plenty of runners while we were on a floor which was open to both sides. What I missed was the floor being covered to both sides, which was *self critism* the result of me (being the leader then) not giving clear instructions. What we should've done imo is, one guy covering left side, one guy covering right side, and one preparing the entry. Both cover positions should have been positioned near the door so they can immediately follow the pointman inside the room. Additionally I was not too happy with the room clearing, two of us died after bang & clear on an office room, all suspects affected but one didn't give up upon being shouted at. He was overlooked by our pointman who began to make arrests, both him and me got shot (Saw him but didn't have the chance to shoot w/o endangering my mate :| ). Also, when clearing a storage room I ran past a suspect that was hiding behind a box as I was totally focused on the 2nd suspect sitting on the other side of the room. Luckily both were affected by the bang 8-)

I don't mean to criticise anyone, after all it's only a game and we all make blunders here and there (including my humble self ;) ). I just think we should try to improve ourselves and learn from our mistakes, and I think a training session without AI suspects can be helpful here as it allows you to train these things without pressure.

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