Among us, most have written a custom set of key bindings. Though I have noticed that many sets become quite polluted if left unrevised forever. Consider this thread an invitation to revision, and to discuss the various pitfalls of key bindings.
I have composed a clean, basic set of keybinds to optimize predictability, and to encourage uniformity. Consider the following classes. If they are used in correct order, then you can program your team easily and precisely.

Active danger
teamsay [B][C=F70800]Suspect spotted.
teamsay [B][C=F70800]Hold your position.

Passive danger
teamsay [B][C=F75800]Runner.

teamsay [B][C=00D7DF]#1 (Pointman)
teamsay [B][C=00D7DF]#2 (Coverman)
teamsay [B][C=00D7DF]#3 (Specialist)
teamsay [B][C=00D7DF]#4
teamsay [B][C=CF1000]<Alpha>
teamsay [B][C=001097]<Bravo>
teamsay [B][C=C99C01]<Gold>
teamsay [B][C=00D7DF]Ready..
teamsay [B][C=00D7DF]On my signal..
teamsay [B][C=00D7DF]<And>

teamsay [B][C=FFFF00]Go.
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00]Proceed.
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00]Proceed slowly.
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00]Swap.
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00]Throw <Flashbang> and clear.
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00]Throw <Flashbang> [U]at will[\U].
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00]Throw <CS Gas> and clear.
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00]Deploy C2.
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00].. far distance
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00].. mid distance
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00].. short distance
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00].. at <10 oc>
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00].. at <12 oc>
teamsay [B][C=FFFF00].. at <2 oc>

teamsay [B][C=58EF00]No contact.
CommandOrEquip Row_NumberKeys 2 | teamsay [B][C=58EF00]Equiping <Taser>
teamsay [B][C=58EF00]Recover formation.
say [B][C=58EF00]Friendlies incoming.



- Selections complement demands, not vice versa.
- Use angular brackets "<>" to indicate a common term.
- Finish with two periods to assert an upcoming message.
- Start with two periods to complement a previous message.
- Use underlines for extra emphasis, not to add style.
- Avoid abundent status notes like "Equiping handcuffs".
- "Gold" originates as a singleplayer term, it is slightly more conventional to use "Element" instead.

- "Recover formation" is excepted as a status note instead of demand to avoid leadership-interference.
- Spatial and temporal references (short, mid, far, OC) are excepted as demands instead of selections for continuity.



Binding example