LeBlue - Application

Application to Elite Tactical Squad

Name: LeBlue
Age: 23
Country: Canada
Steam: colinbucci
In-game name: LeBlue
Nickname I would like to use in ETS: |ETS|RC_LeBlue

Reason why I want to join you:
I was searching across swat 4 and saw this server still online. I joined up with you guys and played a few rounds with Nova, Ghost, Armi and relised how good and smart and tactical you guys are! I love team work and i hate the "Run and Gun" mentality. SWAT is a team not fucking Rambo.
Something about myself:
In real life im a volunteer firefighter and for work I am a close protections officer. Basicly armed security we are the last line before the police.
How long have I played SWAT 4 TSS for?
Since it came out swat 3 that is

By sending this Application, I confirm that I have read the rules and I promise to obey them, I am not banned from ETS server or forum and I am currently not in any other SWAT 4 / SWAT 4: TSS clan, neither have I active an active application in any of them.
Hellow there! Nice to see your app here, Hope u can pass it lol
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hey LeBlue,

This is not your first time when applying to ETS. We are expecting to see some improvement in few matters but you are welcome to give it a try.
I don't think we need to check your in-game skills, those were ascertained two times already. I am granting you the Recruit rank of ETS clan.

Please change your in-game nickname to |ETS|RC_LeBlue. A private message should be sent to you soon containing you RC password. Use it EVERY time you join the server with our tags, those are protected.

New forum sections should be open for you, check them out.

You are free to organize training session whenever you need tactical advice or evaluation sessions if you don't have a lot of time to play and you still want our members to have a chance to get to know you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any other admin here. Congratulations on your first rank and good luck with your application!
Haha thanks 3ed times a charm eh?
Good Luck with your application

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We try to honor their deeds even as their faces fade from our memory

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Hello , nice to see you ! Good luck with your application ;)
I'm surprised to see your application once again LeBlue maty,it's been a while..
Well,congratulations on your RC rank and I wish you a good luck with your application
See you in-game ;)
good luck with your application LeBlue , see you in-game !

1.2.3 viva L'algerie .
Hi there LeBlue! I don't know you very much but I hope that will change over the recruitment period. Thanks for checking on the clan to dust off the spiderwebs, so to speak. :D 3rd times the charm mate, see you in-game! :handgestures-thumbup:
Hi LeBlue. GL with app! :)
Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...
What time are most of yall on.. been trying to get some games in with the squad but have only got some one on one time with Neo.
evenings mostly European times
Should be after 17:00 GMT+0~GMT+2
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
Additionally, you can always organize something called "Evaluation session". Just create a new thread in Public/Private Events section of the forum and set a date for it. ETS members will attend it and will also have a chance to form their opinions about you.

If you need help, ask away.
Your application's end date was set for 20 days from now by AdminBot.

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