MortalWeapon - Application

Application to Elite Tactical Squad

Name: Gheorghe Andrei
Age: 16
Country: Romania
Steam: STEAM_0:1:17134997
In-game name: MortalWeapon
Nickname I would like to use in ETS: |ETS|RC_MortalWeapon

Reason why I want to join you:
Because I think I have enough time now to reapply and because of the community...And because of bois, yeah, let's not forget about bois!
Something about myself:
A friendly boi that likes making new friends!
How long have I played SWAT 4 TSS for?
+8 years, tactical like 7-6 years ago...with pauses!

By sending this Application, I confirm that I have read the rules and I promise to obey them, I am not banned from ETS server or forum and I am currently not in any other SWAT 4 / SWAT 4: TSS clan, neither have I active an active application in any of them.
AYY, back at it again are we? :D

Well boi, there is no doubt you have what it takes to succeed. Be yourself, be active and help integrate any new players you come across. Hope you make it this time around. :pray:

A Lt. or > will be here soon to approve your application. Until then, see you in-game. ;)
Thank you Jelly for the kind words! Let's hope I'll be able to succeed. See you in game boi! :D
Hey MortalWeapon,

Good to see you having a try at it again. I hope you will have some more time for us this time ;)

I believe we don't really have to make you go through the initial evaluation again, you were a recruit here before and you already showed us that you have enough experience to become a recruit. That being said, let's start where we left it, shall we?

I'm promoting you to the Recruit of Elite Tactical Squad. Please change your name to |ETS|RC_MortalWeapon in-game. You will also receive a message from our precious AdminBot, it should contain your RC password. Make sure to login with it everytime you join the server, our tags are protected in the server in case of unauthorised use.

That's it. Any question? Ask, we will help. Good luck mate :D

Good luck Mortal ;)
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TY guys! I'm happy to be back again! :)
Welcome again MortalWeapon! I can remember you! I hope you will have more time for application now. See you on server and GL with application!
Trust me - you don't want me as a leader...
It's nice to see you still having the will to reapply to ETS Andrei
I wish you a good luck
TY everyone! :dance:
good luck ^^ .

1.2.3 viva L'algerie .
I hope your application is going well , good luck ! ;)
So you're having another try eh? Well, good luck mate! :)

Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
good luck mate
TY guys! :D
Welcome back, MW. Good luck with your re :)

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